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Creative Services: Graphic Design FAQs

What is Metigy’s Creative Services?

Metigy’s Creative Services gives you access to a world of on-demand design. Our Creative Services were built with you in mind to bring visually engaging graphic design to your business so you can capture the right kind of attention and engagement across your social media and marketing efforts.

We take care of your graphic design needs by sourcing on-brand social media content through our network of trusted designers. You have complete control of your designs to suit your budget and brand. Simply brief, review and then approve the graphic designs made bespoke for your business.

You can view an always-up-to-date status of your graphic design tasks and have peace of mind with fast turnarounds and unlimited revisions. Use Metigy to help set clear expectations and the needs of your design requests and elevate your brand’s image and look more professional with properly executed design.

Graphic design is just the first of our Creative Services to launch – lookout for video and copywriting services coming soon!


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use our Creative Services for graphic design?

Our Creative Services can be used by any Metigy user that signed up through our website. This feature has been built as an additional service within our marketing platform. If your account was set up by us, please reach out to us by email or by using our online chat and we can talk you through when this service will be made available for you.

There are no lock-in contracts when you use Metigy, including our Creative Services, so it’s easy to get started.

If you’re an existing Metigy user, click here to take a look around and explore Creative Services.

If you’re new to Metigy and want to see more, click here to get started.


How much does it cost?

It’s really important to us that the services we offer are accessible and affordable. Creative Services is available as a subscription giving you easy access to a number of graphic design tasks every month.

Starter Plan
$110 USD per month for 3 graphic design tasks, with unlimited revisions

Deluxe Plan
$210 USD per month for 6 graphic design tasks, with unlimited revisions

Ultimate Plan
$330 USD per month for unlimited graphic design tasks, with unlimited revisions

Remember, our Creative Services are a monthly subscription with no-lock in contract so you can cancel any time you need to and use up any remaining graphic design tasks by the time your subscription ends.


Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely no hidden costs or fees. The monthly subscription price that you see is exactly what you pay.


Is there a free trial for Creative Services?

While we don’t currently offer a free trial for Creative Services, we do offer no lock-in contracts and that means you can try without being tied in. You can choose to sign up for a monthly subscription and cancel at any time.


Can I cancel my subscription to Creative Services?

Yes, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time. Remember, you’ll need to use any remaining graphic design tasks before your subscription ends as they won’t be available to you beyond the subscription end date. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out to us via email or via online chat.

You can check the status of your subscription and the details of your plan by visiting ‘Account Management > Add Ons.

If at any point you want to cancel because you’re unhappy with the quality or outcome of your graphic design tasks, the best first step is to let us know and we can work through the feedback with you. Please feel free to reach out to us by email or by using our online chat.


What types of graphic design work are available from Creative Services?

Metigy’s Creative Services can take care of all your graphic design needs. You might want to brief in bespoke social media images for your Facebook news feed or Instagram feed. We can design carousel posts to help you tell a story. And on our Ultimate Plan, we can design your Google Ads too.


How do I request a design task?

In the Metigy platform, find ‘Creative Services’ in the main menu and click on ‘Task Creator’.

Step 1: Brief
Create a new design task adding your brand details such as logos or examples you like.

Step 2: Review
Get updates on your task, review your designs and give feedback to your designer.  

Step 3: Approve
Use your unlimited changes if you need to before approving your designs.


What are the stages of a task?

  • Draft: If a task is in draft, you’ve started the brief but not sent the request through to a designer.
  • Requested: Your task has been requested but not yet picked up by a designer.
  • In progress: Your task is now in progress and you’ll receive updates 
  • Completed: The design task is approved and done with no further revisions to be made. Once marked complete, your task is ready to be downloaded and you can start your next graphic design task.
  • Archived: This means that your task is deleted from your job history. You can still view it, however you can no longer edit it.


How will I be notified of any updates to my task?

Yes, we’ll keep you fully up to date on the status of your graphic design task and you’ll get in-app notifications, as well as emails sent to the account you have registered with us. If for some reason, you haven’t been receiving notifications, reach out to us by email or by using our online chat.


How long does it take for a task to be completed?

Our turnaround times vary and do depend on your subscription plan. However, all tasks are aimed to be delivered within 72 hours. Revisions to your designs should be delivered within 24 hours as revisions are minor and don’t require major work beyond 24 hours.


How many graphic design tasks can I have in progress at once?

You can create as many graphic design tasks as your plan allows, however you can only have one task listed as ‘in progress’ at a time. Once your task has been completed, the designer will then begin working on the next task, if you have one ready. We recommend prioritising your graphic design tasks to make sure they’re being worked on as you need them.


What does my designer need from me?

Your designer needs the most clear instructions that you can provide. 

We know that so many people don’t know what a good brief entails so consider finding some examples for inspiration and be sure to include things like any brand guidelines, style guides and logos within your brief. If your brand uses a particular font, don’t forget to include that too.

Your designer needs to know where the graphic designs are going to be used. There are dropdown menus to choose from and help you along during your brief but if you need something specific, make sure you let your designer know.

The good news is that you’ll work with the same designer every time so you’ll get to know what they need and they’ll get up to speed on your brand look and feel, so you can get into a good rhythm with your regular graphic design tasks.


Can I assign someone in my team to manage this for me?

At this stage, you can’t assign someone in your team to manage this in the Metigy platform. However, if you need to see it for approval, and you currently have oversight of your Metigy account, you can see the design tasks and approve them in the Task Manager.


What happens if I need to cancel a design task?

Let your designer know in the comments box if you’ve briefed something in by mistake – if the design hasn’t been started we can cancel it. If it’s in progress already, please feel free to reach out to us by email or by using our online chat.


How many times can I get revisions done on my designs?

You can make unlimited revisions to your task, however it’s important to keep in mind that revisions are classed as small changes, not major changes to your design task.
You should let your designer know of any revisions as clearly and as early as possible the delivery of your task isn’t delayed.

Some examples of what revisions are:

  • Fixing grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Changing the font type
  • Small layout changes
  • Changing colours 
  • Changing a picture because it’s not in line with your brand

Revisions are not:

  • Entire text changes
  • Full concept changes
  • Requesting new options

Please note that changes to your brief may lead to the designer asking you to create a new task.


How do we ensure quality of service?

We use a subscription model so we can assign you a dedicated designer. This ensures you don’t have to update a designer about your brand and your preferences every time they work on a task for you. We’ll also be collecting feedback each time a task is completed, so look out for the opportunity to rate your experience. 


Do I own the rights to all my designs?

You will own all rights and licenses to all designs created. If we use stock photos, you will also be granted a license for that photo. However, materials you provide to us are assumed to be licensed and owned by you. If you provide us with unlicensed materials to use, we are not held liable for the rights of the final design.


What if I am not happy with my designer?

If at any time you are unhappy with your designer or the design you have received, you can request another designer to work on your task. To have your issue resolved most quickly, please reach out to our Customer Success team by email or our online chat in the first instance and we’ll do our best to help you.