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How to Create opt-in Posts for Divisions or Franchise Businesses

This article covers how Brand Administrators in head office can create opt-in posts for Franchises. Read the support article, What are opt-in posts to learn more.

Make Content Opt-In

The process of creating an opt-in post is no different to making a piece of content through the Metigy Content Curator. That is assuming your plan has been upgraded to support franchises. If not and you are keen, contact support at Metigy dot com.

First, enter your content and selected the locations as you do for creating a post normally.

Next, tick the box under the location picker to make it opt-in:

Metigy Content Curator Create Opt-in post

What that means is, that once you hit save, the selected locations will all be notified. Opt-in posts appear in the calendar with an outline around them. See the “Needs Review” status lower down.

NOTE: If you do not tick that box, then the post will automatically go to those pages when it is published.

You can keep making changes to the content, they will get to see those updates. You can read more about the workflow in the Content Status support article.

Note: Franchises see draft posts that they are included in and can opt-in or out at any time.

What happens when the content is approved?

Once the content is ready, you can go in and approve it as usual.

When you do that, an email will be sent to all of the businesses that control pages you included in the post.

The states of opt-in posts in the Content Curator are these:

3 statuses of a Metigy Opt-In content post

3 statuses of a Metigy Opt-In content post

  • Needs Review – This post can be opted into. This is the default state and the user cannot reset it to this.
  • Opted-In – The franchise wants to be included and the post will be published to their page.
  • Opted-Out – The franchise has opted out.

Franchises can change this at any time.

Tips and Tricks

To make it easier to manage large numbers of sub-companies, we recommend using the favourites list.

That will allow you to set-up quick access groups such as:

  • All franchises in a particular region
  • Any stores that sell a particular product
  • All franchises managed by the same licensee

If you have a long list of franchises, we can work together with you to set them up. Contact Support for help.


How long can I edit content for?

You can edit the content all the way up until it’s live. That means you can edit it once it’s approved. That will just change it back to draft status. All opt-in locations will see the status and changes. You can read more about the workflow in the Content Status support article.

Is it possible to change which locations the post is published to later on?

Yes, you can. You can adjust it at any time. If you add locations, they will get notified that they have a post to review. For locations you remove, they will not be notified. They just won’t see the post in their calendars anymore.

Can I force the content to go to certain pages?

You can, but if you do, make sure it is within the policy of your business. Create your content and choose the locations. Then, rather than ticking opt-in, don’t. This will automatically make it post to all locations.

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