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Choosing Locations

The location picker helps you in choosing locations, allowing a combination of your brand and brand competitor pages.

Across the Metigy platform the location picker is structured with three main parts:

  1. Filter the list of pages between your brand pages and competitor pages
  2. List of locations and favorite lists that match the filter
  3. A list of locations that have been selected and, where you can adjust your selection

Selecting a page

To add a page first, choose if you want to add a brand page or competitor page. It doesn’t matter which you select as you can mix them together and change at any time. The type you are choosing depends on the outcome you want from the report.

Once you have decided, scroll through the list of pages and click on any you want to add. Or, save time by using one of your predefined favorites lists. When you click, it will appear in the selected list.

Once you have finished adding pages, click continue. Your changes are saved to the current edit as you make them so continuing won’t affect any locations you have picked so far.

Removing a selected page

Removing a page is as simple as clicking on it in the selected list, or clicking on the trashcan icon next to it.

You can only add pages once, so once it is added, you don’t need to re-add it.

Likewise, once a page is removed, you can then re-add it

Tips on Choosing Locations

To get the most out of reporting it is important to decide what you are looking to get out of it. For example, if you are wanting to focus on one particular platform, then make sure to include all of your competitors in that space as well. You can read more about managing your competitors in support.