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Choosing Locations and Content Preview Panel

The Metigy Content curator combines choosing locations with the content preview in a single, always accessible panel. It has been designed to make a selection, viewing and customising as simple as possible.

Choosing a location

As soon as you start typing anything into the left panel, or when editing existing content, the location picker will appear.

To start, click on the location bar which has the text “Search Locations”:

This will present a dropdown list of all locations and location groups you have set-up.

To choose a location, click on it. You will know it has been selected when by the tick that appears next to it in the list. It will also appear in the bar at the top.

To close the menu, click on the location bar again.

Quick Search

If you have a lot of locations set-up, you can quickly find them by using the search feature of the menu.

To search, click on the search bar once the menu is open and start typing:

Then click as before to add, or remove, the location.

Removing Locations

You can remove individually selected locations or all locations.

To remove a single location that has a tick next to it, click on it again. The tick will be removed.

To remove all locations, click on the cross in the location bar. This will remove all locations.

Content Preview

After you have chosen locations, each one appears below it with a preview of how it will look for each platform:

For each location, you can see how it will look and use the customisation cog on the top right. You can read more about customising in the article Customising the Post for each platform.

Please note: they are not 100% accurate as the platforms continually tweak their designs, but we keep them as close as we can.