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April 2018 Breaking Changes to Facebook and Instagram Competitor Tracking

UPDATE: Since this post was written, Facebook has been rolling out new APIs and adding additional permissions. Metigy has been reviewed and approved to use these new services. This means that competitor tracking is now fully available to our customer and better than ever!

Since the incident with data being vacuumed up at scale by certain 3rd parties over time, Facebook and Instagram have gone into emergency mode to implement security features to mitigate this happening again. What this has meant is that they are rolling out breaking changes and restricting certain APIs that platforms such as Metigy use.

With immediate effect, we have had to change the process for adding Facebook Competitors due to new restrictions they have imposed.

And we have temporarily disabled self-managing of Instagram competitors due to a restriction imposed. But the good news is, we can still do it manually for you. Just follow the instructions below.

Adding a Facebook Competitor

To add a competitor for Facebook, go to the Competitor Manager as usual.

  • Click ‘Add new’
  • Select Facebook
  • Run through the connect process
  • Once completed, you will see a textbox
  • On Facebook, find the page you want to add a competitor
  • Copy the whole URL including https:// from your browser. e.g. https://www.facebook.com/metigy/
  • Click save

It will behave as it always has, except you have to manually paste the full URL rather than searching for it. We are working to reinstate the old search, but for now, we have switched to this version to allow you to continue enjoying our platform without interruptions.

Adding an Instagram Competitor

Unfortunately, due to recent privacy changes, certain functionality has had to be disabled whilst Facebook and Instagram finishes reviewing the current issues and decide what they will be doing moving forward.
For Instagram, you will need to contact us to have it implemented:

  • Go to Instagram in a browser
  • Find the page you want to track
  • Copy the full URL from the browser
  • Using the Intercom button in the bottom right of the admin panel paste:
    • “Please add an Instagram competitor. The details are:
      Brand: [Brand name] Competitor: [Full competitor URL]
  • We will aim to turn that around as quickly as we can during normal business hours.