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Metigy aims to make marketing an enjoyable and straightforward part of your business

We have created MetigyIQ as a way of bringing you all the very best in how-to-guides, best practice tips and carefully curated resources for mastering modern marketing in a digital landscape. We are also sharing some really helpful tips for mastering the use of Metigy, with help articles & videos to explain the platform and inspire your marketing endeavors

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Participate in the MetigyIQ program and benefit from a constant stream of educational resources, expert advice, how-to guides and video tutorials that are designed to advance your understanding as a Marketer

Resources to Master Metigy

As we work together to advance your marketing knowledge, Metigy functionality also grows to meet your needs through collaboration and feedback. Discover new ways Metigy can help you via our product knowledge resources including video tutorials, how-to guides, FAQs and help centre

Metigy IQ

What is Metigy IQ?

We know the constant change in marketing best practice can be challenging to keep up with, so we created a learning program to expand your understanding and knowledge base. With expert advice, industry news and best practice ideas to grow your knowledge as a marketer, we'll also show how to make the Metigy platform work for your specific needs.

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