Insights & Strategy Stream

Insights & Strategy Stream

Practical Suggestions

We advise you on topics that are trending and content which resonates with your audience, based on analysis of your historical stats, along with the performance of your competitors and industry

Engage and grow your audience using our trending topic content stream, which is sourced from over 5 million domains and 20 million influencers and filtered by relevancy to you

Metigy delivers real-time reminders and alerts, ensuring you don't miss the topics and milestones that really matter

Influence Insights

Our platform identifies influencers and content creators who could be valuable to your business and brand, based on true influence - not just big numbers and vanity metrics. You can also make the most of existing influencer partnerships by tracking and analysing the success of your co-branded content and stay on top of the competition by monitoring their account and campaign performance over time

Performance insights

We know how important it is to meet KPIs, so we monitor your progress and deliver practical insights to guarantee your long-term success