Our plans

No lock-in plans and upgrade as you grow

Forever Free

  • 1 User Account
    (Upgrade any time)
  • Connect up to 3 Social Networks
  • Add 2 Competitor Pages
    per Network
  • 1 Standard Dashboard
    plus add your own
  • Access to 2 Modules
  • No credit card required


Most Popular
  • 30 days free trial
  • Up to 10 Users standard
  • Add 5 Competitor Pages
    per Network
  • Access to all modules
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • No contract lock-in and
    month by month billing
  • Accounts and Networks upgradeable


  • 25 User Accounts
  • 25 Client Brands
  • Multi-page profiles and
    Competitor Pages per Client
  • Access to all modules
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Advanced, 2-step workflow
  • Beta feature access
  • Accounts and Networks upgradeable


  • Plan customised for your team
  • Access to all modules
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Workflow customisable on request
  • Beta feature access
  • Accounts and Networks limits all customised

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Forever Free plan really free?

Yes, completely free. We created this plan to give small teams and bloggers access to our innovative marketing technology, and there is no cost until you want more features or user accounts.

Do I need to make a long term commitment or provide credit card details to start on the Forever Free plan?

No, there is no lock in contract or credit card details required to get started. You will need to provide credit card details when you want to upgrade to the next plan level, but there is still no lock in contract. It is our job to make Metigy so good, you will wonder how you ever worked without it, and we take that challenge very seriously.

I use more than three social networks, can I publish to, and monitor them, with the Forever Free plan?

No, the limit for our Forever Free plan is three social platforms, so you can try that for a while and when you feel ready for more, simply upgrade to the Team plan, which gives you lots more features and power anyway. Or simply go straight to the Team plan now. It is still incredible value.

Can I use the Forever Free plan even if I have more than one user?

Yes, but you only have one login, which you will all need to use. When you reach the point that you would like to have workflow and collaboration features, which Metigy has loads of, and these will really help your work habits, then you will need to upgrade to our Team plan. For the convenience factor of having workflow for your team, we do require a contribution to the greater good, which is just an investment in us being able to bring you even more capability.

I am new to social marketing, is Metigy right for me?

Absolutely, we have created a solution that helps beginners. A simple, friendly user interface, time saving features, clever Recommendation Technology that helps you learn to be effective, and more feature power as your confidence grows. We also back it up with out Metigy education program which regularly delivers ideas and learning, to help you grow in connfidence and reach more customers.

Do I need to start again when I change plans?

No, it is a smooth upgrade path, and all your existing setup and history remain in place. When you upgrade to a more advanced plan, we simply allocate more permissions, accounts and module access, and help to familiarise yourself and your extra team members. We want Metigy to be the marketing solution you grow into as you become more successful.

Why would you want to help me monitor competitor pages and what do you mean by that?

When you create your Metigy account, we ask you to nominate competitors or brands that engage effectively with your customers. Metigy then helps you learn from their successes and failures to master your own marketing opportunities, and our very innovative Marketing Recommendation Technology even monitors that activity, to identify and recommend actions that will drive your customer conversion harder. We all know we can learn from others, but why not let Metigy do the hard work for you?

I am an enterprise marketer, would Metigy still suit my objectives and team?

Yes. The technology was originally developed to suit Enterprise level clients. We have made part of the total solution vailable to our Forever Free plan, but there are loads of advanced features to support the objectives of more advanced marketers. Our large team solution is highly customised and flexible, which is why you need to contact us, rather than simply complete an automated sign up process.