Why Should Content Creation Be Both Planned and Real Time?

Why Should Content Creation Be Both Planned and Real Time?
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The purpose of planning and publishing content should always be about telling an authentic story. It is the story that makes your brand unique and inherently interesting to the customers you want to connect with. But how do you do content creation in a way that is compelling for your audience, tactically delivered at a time they are online and interested, and make sure your important message gets reach. You need insights to get that right! To date, it has been part art, and part science, and generally takes marketing skills that inexperienced marketers don’t have. Many new marketers simply get started using Social Marketing as a communications channel in the hope it will drive their business forward. But as we like to say “hope is not a strategy”. Even experienced marketers often don’t have the time or resources to monitor what works best, let alone spot hot opportunities as they occur in real time. Even if you are making good progress on the engagement you are getting with your programmed content stream, you may not have ventured into trying to understand what is driving conversation in real time and when you should dive into that conversation, for the fantastic opportunity it can be to connect with an audience at a time when they are focused and passionate on a key topic. Getting that right and connecting it with your brand story, takes your reach and conversion to a whole new level. How do you spot and participate in a trending conversation, before it is too late? That probably sounds complex and time-consuming right? That is exactly why the Metigy team has been so focused on bringing new technology to bear on old problems so we can turn opportunities into simple executable ideas that will help our customers really drive engagement and conversion. Our commitment is to ensure your content program starts to improve 2x and 3x on a continuous cycle, limited not by your strategy or knowledge, but simply by your interest and commitment.

Trending news stories from across the globe, with velocity prediction so you can see what’s hot Trending news stories from across the globe, with velocity prediction so you can see what’s hot

Changing Content Creation

We have recently replaced our content creation module, with a content curation solution, because we understand it takes more than just creating content and hoping that will work. This new solution includes some fantastic new functionality designed to make execution easier. It is great to save time on simple tasks and done constantly, that can add up to efficiency. However, the key objective of this important release was to take content curation to the next frontier – technology enabled decision support for real time planning and execution. Plus continuous improvement in your planned content programming too. The more the social platforms skew away from enabling organic Brand content engagement, to enforce their desire to drive ad revenue, the more important it has become to ride the natural trend. Several years ago, it was good enough just to publish and customers would find your content. Now, every brand needs to deliver well-crafted content, connect with what customers are talking about, when they are talking about it, and make sure their message resonates. For organic marketing this is critical. For paid marketing, it also radically enhances results because you are delivering your messages into a naturally occurring conversation when potential customers are online and interested. For novice marketers, getting this right is incredibly difficult. For experienced marketers with a well-resourced marketing team, it is still expensive and time-consuming. Metigy is all about using AI to deliver a decision-based support solution that makes this possible. Our Content Curation upgrade does just that and a whole lot more including some critical insights:
  • Recommended publishing timing analysis aligned with when your customers are online so you can maximise reach, engagement and conversion
  • Topic analysis based on what your audience is talking about in real time
  • Insights into high performing content trending globally on topics that relate to your brand, including velocity analysis so you can see the peak in the next 24 hours
  • Globally trending news stories, filtered by topics that relate to your brand
There are lots of other useful insights, but you will have to sign up to see for yourself. Or check out our release announcement video below. Of course, they are integrated with world-class tools so you can go from insights to action, all in one seamless environment. Plus some really cool tech to bring your content stories to life.

Metigy’s integrated stock library solution helps you filter by topic and identify trending images Metigy’s integrated stock library solution helps you filter by topic and identify trending images

We are also about to release another major upgrade to our fully automated Reporting function so we can deliver insights straight into your stakeholder reporting process. Look out for our upcoming post on this release.
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