What’s in the Camera Bag of a Serious Content Creator?

7th May 2021

OK, I love photography, content marketing and technology. Some may even call me a geek. To be fair, I am probably referring to most of the Metigy team with that reference. So I really liked this video from one of my favourite Photographers, Peter McKinnon, and you will understand why when you watch it. Pete shares what is in his camera bag in 2019, and trust me, he has all the right gear to make sure he can get some stunning video and images. You only need to check out his vlog to see what I mean.

Anyway, this run through as he unpacks his camera bag, made me seriously envious. (I was also a bit jealous about his references to shooting images off the back of the jet ski and snowmobile, as I have not yet found a way to weave those hobbies into my content creation at Metigy.) I am thinking hard on it though.

If you are just starting to get serious about improving the quality of your content and you are shooting your own images and video, then you will asking the question about what tech you should invest in. Building a good kit, will have a big impact on both your enjoyment as a content creator, and the quality of the output. Investing in the right gear does impact on the quality of your output and lead directly to your own satisfaction levels.

You don’t need to start by having all of the options Peter is carrying around, but you should start by making sure what you do decide to invest in, is in line with the key items Pete outlines as he pulls them out of the bag.

I have shared this with you, not to make you envious, or depressed about what you don’t already have. But to make sure you make good decisions as you build and purchase the right gear, even one item at a time, knowing you are on track to build a seriously good set of gear that will take you towards your creative aspirations. Metigy is serious about helping our customers become highly successful content marketers, so we love sharing best practice suggestions from the best practitioners in the world.


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