Weekly Inspiration: Time’s Up

14th June 2020

Welcome to our Monday Linkfest for 8.1.18

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golden globes 2018 red carpet blackout - #timesupnow

Red carpet blackout – photo via E!Online

Right now, hundreds of women in Hollywood are staging the first of a series of red carpet protests in support of the newly-formed Time’s Up movement, founded to support and defend against sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and #metoo. The movement has, in a little over a week, garnered more than 180,000 supporters on Instagram. #TimesUpNow is expected to gain traction throughout the awards season and build on an already impressive $15 million legal fund to support lower-income women who seek justice for sexual harassment and assault in their workplaces – not just in entertainment, but across all male-dominated industries. Many big-name actresses are replacing their traditional dates with justice advocates and activists. According to E! Online:

Eight actresses will be accompanied by activists for this year’s ceremony. In an official statement issued on Sunday,  gender and racial justice advocates including Tarana BurkeMarai LarasiRosa ClementeAi-jen PooMónica RamírezCalina LawrenceBillie Jean King and Saru Jayaraman will join actresses Michelle WilliamsEmma WatsonSusan SarandonMeryl Streep, Laura DernShailene WoodleyAmy Poehler and Emma Stone in solidarity with each other and in support of victims of sexual harassment and assault.

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Digiday - Confessions of a publisher audience development head

Digiday has a fascinating – and scathing – anonymous interview with a publishing head around Facebook products and their attitude towards content streams, creators and types and how that’s all set to change in the coming year. Choice quote:

They are going to completely deprioritize publishers. They very candidly said to me, “If I were you, I would probably not rely on Facebook as much as you are.” So a big strategy for publishers needs to be diversification. The people at Facebook I’ve spoken to have confirmed this. Their efforts are going to be elsewhere.

So if you’re a publisher or business who relies solely or largely on Facebook, it’s probably time to start investing in additional traffic sources now, ahead of the next big social media land-grab.


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Hollywood Foreign Press Association - Golden Globes Awards 2018

Speaking of the Golden Globes, 2018 marks the first year the awards ceremony will be live-streamed across multiple digital platforms in addition to the NBC website. Viewers can choose from the Hulu live tv beta, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue or YouTube TV to name a few – so wherever you care to get your fix of red carpet glamour, awkward jokes and crossover stars, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice.

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gary vaynerchuck - instagram

The often controversial, always polarising Gary Vaynerchuk has a straightforward and sensible strategy to help grow your Instagram following: invest $1.80 worth of your thoughts and time every day in you target category, niche or industry. Going back to the core of what works in social media – participating within the community – this is very actionable, solid advice; this post has all the details.

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Sarah Silverman

Finally, how’s this for a feel-good story: Sarah Silverman managed to turn a common troll attack into action that may change someone’s life. After being called the c-word by a follower on Twitter, Silverman to the opportunity to dig a bit deeper and find out the reason behind it. Long story short, a history of violence and abuse as well as a severe back injury was behind the pain and rage; Silverman then mobilised similarly compassionate humans in the San Antonio to help the man seek help and support for his afflictions. In doing so, she created a genuinely decent and unexpected ending to what seems to be becoming a run-of-the-mill interaction for a lot of people on the Twitter platform. CBC radio has the full story here. Class act, Sarah.

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