Video Content Marketing: The first four videos you should make

9th March 2022

Here’s the truth:

Your prospects and customers love videos. They’re consuming video content from your competitors every day. What are you going to do about it?

Video content marketing is the most effective marketing strategy to grow your small business. According to Social Media Week, an estimated 82% of online traffic will be video content.

You might be a small business with a small budget, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing BIG things with video content.

In this article, we’ll show you the best approach for video content marketing, what type of videos to create that will have the biggest impact on your business, and some brands doing the exact video (with results).

If you don’t know where to start with videos, here are the first four types of videos your small business should make: 

1. Create product explainer videos

Video is the most powerful visual content ever. Product explainer videos are easy-to-create and can be captivating. 

Make this type of video a ‘must’ for your small business. 

According to Wyzowl, 83% of businesses say their homepage explainer videos engage with the customers and increase sales.

Your tone also matters. So make it conversational, informal, and relatable.

Product video content is a great option because it lets your potential customers relax and doesn’t require them to put in extra mental work to understand what you are selling. 

In addition, an explainer video is relatively cheap and can be shared easily on social media. It can be used to answer frequently asked questions, such as, “What is this?” or “How does it work?”. 

To get started with product explainer videos, follow these steps:

i). Write your script: A script should be between 200 to 250 words and must clearly state the product’s benefits and features. 

In the first 10 seconds, state the problem and position yourself as the solution to that problem. Using a customer persona character is essential, too.

“If you’re using animated or live action video, present a customer persona character that prospects can relate to.”

The script should sync with your visual graphics, so it makes sense to use your product to address the user’s concerns. A background tune is also a good choice. 

ii). Record your video: Once you have your script and your storyboard, it’s time to record the video.

Effective tools that you can use to create videos include Metigy’s Video Creative Services.

With your script and storyboard, you can build your videos with ease using the simple process of choosing your designs from a library of templates and customization.

Once you’ve got your video, you can then use them to showcase your product’s benefits and features. 

A video like this is a great way to increase your online sales and boost brand recognition.

2. Create customer testimonial videos

It’s very important to create and share customer testimonial videos if you want to attract potential customers. 

These videos can make a big difference in your sales process. 

Zoom curates and shares its customer testimonials to build trust and convince prospective customers to try the video conferencing solution.

Prospective customers should be able to see other customers’ experiences with your product or service before making a decision. 

This is one of the best ways to generate more leads for your business. Here are a few tips for creating a customer testimonial video.  

i). Gather the testimonials 

Try to get as many testimonials as possible from your existing customers. However, you need to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your product or service. 

If they are not satisfied with the results, then they will not give you a good testimonial. 

Instead, focus on ensuring that your customers are happy with your services first.

Once you have collected all the testimonials, you can then move on to creating a video of them.

ii). Use the testimonials

Having an authentic customer voice on your video is very valuable. 

Your customers will feel more comfortable speaking their minds about your product if they are genuinely satisfied with your product. 

Remember, testimonial videos should not be overly promotional or salesy. 

Let your customers talk about their experiences and be as genuine as possible. This way, your customer testimonial videos will have a more realistic feel.

3. Create valuable company story videos

Another type of video your small business should create is the company story video.

You want to connect deeply with your customers and target audience, and be transparent with your brand story. The brands below have all found a clever way to infuse their stories in their content. You too should do the same thing.

When you’re trying to tell your company’s story through video, the quality of the content is vital. 

Your video needs to look great, but it also has to tell a compelling story. These stories will help you establish a brand and touch the hearts and minds of your followers. 

These tips will help you create engaging and powerful videos for your brand:

i). Ask people about their experiences with your product or service 

This will help you get a more authentic representation of your company’s culture and the products and services you offer. Creating a video that shares the story of your company will make your audience feel more connected with it.

Your customers will be able to relate to your brand better if you include their experiences with it.  

ii). Include a buyer persona 

Your customers want to know more about your business than your competitors. So it makes sense to understand your ideal buyer — and design a persona for that person.

A video that reflects your company’s values and culture can make your company stand out from the competition. 

Using this approach can help you develop a compelling video that will engage your audience and help them make an informed buying decision. 

This type of content is also extremely useful for building a solid foundation for timeless content (i.e., evergreen content). 

For example, you could use an inbound video to increase brand awareness, sell event tickets, or launch a new product.

4. Create animation videos for your brand

If you want to attract customers to your brand, creating an animation video featuring your brand’s products and services is a great way to attract attention. 

Take a look at Metigy’s animated video as an example:

Categorised as part of the brand’s ‘hype reels’, the video evokes a certain type of emotion and aesthetic for the target audience Metigy aims to engage with.

Furthermore, RankWatch increased conversions by 24% with animation videos.

Animations can be funny, informative, or even emotional, depending on the tone you choose. 

Using these videos can help you boost your sales and marketing efforts. A survey conducted by HubSpot shows that 54% of consumers want to see more video content (and not emails, blog posts, social media images) from a brand.

Here are some tips to make them successful for your business: 

i). Know your audience

Who are you trying to reach? Before you create animation videos, know your audience. This illustration explains it better:

ii). Explain the benefits of your brand 

Animated videos can help you sell a product or service. They are an excellent way to introduce your brand. 

The first frame of an animation video should feature your logo and include a brief history. 

In the second frame, you should discuss your company’s goals and objectives. The third frame should sum up your company’s unique selling points (USP). 

Then, in the final frame, you can use an animated call-to-action to drive sales.

Animated videos are perfect for brand promotions. They make the message clear, which increases the chance that viewers will share them. 

Animaker has awesome templates you can pick from and customize.

The best part of this marketing strategy is that animations are easy to understand and watch. 

With the right animation, your viewers will be willing to purchase your product and become brand promoters. Moreover, animations help you boost profits. But don’t take my word for it, CrazyEgg, a heat map and website optimization software co-founded by Neil Patel saw a 64% increase in conversion and generated $24,000/month in additional revenue after investing in animated videos.

And remember this — the best part is that they are easy to create and affordable — and you only need to pay for the software or tool.

Video marketing: In summary 

It doesn’t matter what type of product you’re trying to sell — provided you want to engage your target audience, gladly share your brand message, and get consistent sales — high-quality, professional video content can do it all. 

There’s no better time to start producing a video to win the hearts of your audience. 

After all, they’re desperately looking for a great video to watch, and if it’s about your product or service, you’ll generate plenty of sales in the end. 

All in all, whenever you create any type of video, you should upload it to YouTube to share with the world. Nearly two billion active users are binge-watching videos on YouTube every month.

Use Metigy as your in-house video maker

Bring your videos to life using Metigy’s Creative Services. By outsourcing visual content creation to experts, you can focus on your core tasks. With Metigy, you’ll be getting the services of experienced graphic designers and video producers who come with domain expertise across categories. 

Professional graphic design and video production can significantly elevate your brand communication, make your business seem bigger and credible, and make it easy to acquire and retain customers. For small businesses without adequate marketing support, this is the easiest way to incorporate top-notch visual content into their brand communication. 

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