Dear Metigy: How do I track my wellness to avoid burnout?

7th December 2021

Like endurance athletes, business owners and marketers work hard to achieve their goals. But burnout is often an occurrence if you don’t keep track of your wellness and stay organised. So what is the process behind avoiding burnout?

Metigy’s audio content manager, Daren Lake, also trains hard as an endurance athlete. He also runs DLake Creates, an endurance sports brand that teaches serious athletes how to perform better in their training, races, life and career. 

DLake Creates

What’s the relation, you may ask? There’s a degree of similarities between marketing and sports when it comes to preparing to perform well. Think of your marketing efforts as holistic. Your physical and mental health is part of your performance. Everything is connected. Applying this mindset allowed Daren to run his fastest 5km time and help him with his work and personal life.

Here are his two simple ways to track your wellness performance with some quantifiable and qualifiable examples.

Think & plan long term

Cliche but true – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You need a broad skillset to handle all the unknowns that will present themselves.

A quantifiable example for this 

At the start of each working day, write down one task that will get you to where you want to go (it can be big or small). At the end of the day, see how close you got to completing it or not. There are plenty of ways to get started with lists, but if you’re unsure how to get started, here are four examples of to-do lists to inspire you.

And a qualifiable example… 

Each week write down meetings that went poorly and those that didn’t serve you. At the end of the month, stop attending those meetings or change how you approach them if you can’t get out of them. This will help especially when you have high-demand tasks due. But you might need help figuring out what to prioritise. When you need to, free up some time for meaningful work so you can breathe and work on the tasks that matter.

Rest and recovery

It wasn’t until the last 15-20 years that we started to fully understand the importance of rest, recovery and sleep on our day to day performance. 

Studies have proven that a week of 5 hours a night of sleep is like having the cognitive abilities of someone with 0.8% alcohol in their blood!

A quantifiable example for this 

Track your sleep for one week and try to aim for 7-8 hours. If less, then go to bed 10 mins earlier than you normally do for a week. That should give you an hour or so extra sleep each night while waking up at the same time.

And a qualifiable example… 

Every time you feel stressed or overwhelmed write down what it is that is bothering you. Be mindful of the thoughts and feelings that you feel on your body.

That’s it. Do that for a week and go over it all. Avoid what’s not serving you.

Tracking your wellness: In summary

Planning long term with rest and recovery are the two simple ways to track your wellness and performance. Being a mentally and physically better marketer isn’t easy but it’s doable if you want to consistently perform well.

Compounding this is that things in your life and career are constantly in flux. And although these two tips aren’t a magic bullet, it’s a great start to facilitate your work and productivity.

If you need more help with your marketing decisions, take some work off your shoulders with Metigy’s marketing services. With artificial intelligence gathering all the data to make important decisions for you, you can focus on more critical tasks and facilitate work wellness.

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