The video production process has changed forever

27th October 2019

You may have an idea for a video for your social program and realise how much the right video could actually drive conversion, but be overwhelmed by the idea of featuring multiple locations around the globe in it? Need production to begin, like, yesterday? Want something that’s clearly done by a professional, but only have your iPhone to shoot on? Need to coordinate a video shoot, but you’re nowhere near a computer? Want to capitalise on a trending topic with an instant video shoot that delivers a product to you within 24 hours? Deemed by some as the “Uber or Airbnb of the video production world,” 90 Seconds can help.

The cloud-based video production service allows marketers around the world to whip out their smartphone, or head to the nearest desktop computer if you’re still old-school like that, and order up a custom video by pro videographers in a matter of minutes. Blending scenes of a Singapore cityscape with a view of a beach in San Diego is no problem. With creators in 70 countries around the world, if you can dream it, you can order it. In shoots in major cities, production can start in less than the amount of time it takes to order and receive a pizza.

The innovative company that recognised the need for on-demand video creation has raised a $7.5 million Series A via venture capital firm Sequoia Capital in April, TechCrunch reports. Since its founding in 2010, the Auckland, New Zealand-based company has produced 10,000 videos for more than 1,000 brands, including ANZ Australia, Google, Virgin and Oracle.

How 90 Seconds Works

Ordering a video from 90 Seconds is, like the brand says, comparable to purchasing an airline ticket—without the pesky dilemma of deciding between a window and an aisle seat. Orderers have a menu of customisable options to choose from, including desired locations, content and time frames—some videos can be published within 24 hours. Video briefs may include the purpose of the video, main message, strategy and product notes, or may be as simple as that crazy idea you scribbled on a napkin at lunch, which the 90 Seconds team takes and fleshes out for you. After a video project idea is submitted, a quote is quickly delivered to your inbox so you can get moving.

Each video is managed by a dedicated project planner. As progress occurs, the video’s status updates are viewable and are able to be commented on via a centralised, cloud-based dashboard that is accessible to all parties involved, from members of your internal team to the agency you might be working with.

Footage is uploaded instantly so your team can provide feedback for edits until the project is perfect for you. All of this can be done on any device, so you can provide an assessment wherever you are—even if you’re in your pyjamas at home. Once feedback is complete, the final video is optimised with keywords and ready to be uploaded to YouTube or your brand’s website. 90 Seconds reports its average project price is $5,000, but brands with any budget can be paired with video creators depending on the scope of the project, even for simple quickies.

The Future of On-Demand Video Production

With 90 Seconds claiming a 3x revenue increase in 2015 alone, it is setting its sights on expanding its mobile presence and physical offices, with new offices in San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Hong Kong opening this year. Australia has 90 Seconds offices in Sydney and Melbourne, two prime places to shoot gorgeous footage to elevate global videos, if we may say so.

Video is exponentially rising as a preferred form of content consumption, with YouTube reporting a third of all Internet users as viewers. Adobe Digital Index’s Q3 Digital Video Benchmark Report shows smartphone share of video consumption is up 33 percent as of December 2015. In April, Snapchat reached 10 billion daily video views, as reported by Bloomberg. Even apps like Vine, Snapchat and Instagram that feature videos as short as a few seconds are seeing brands scramble to produce slick clips that get them re-posted and shared by customers.

With smartphone and tablet users watching clips when they’re on the train, at the doctor’s office, and even during the program that’s playing on their television, brands that put extra thought and strategy into video production and use professionals like the gurus at 90 Seconds, have a better chance of cutting through the noise and reaching customers. Learn more about 90 Seconds video production here.

Just another handy technology tip from the MetigyIQ team, bringing you great ideas to drive your social marketing program.