The Metigy help centre will help you get the most from our marketing optimization technology

21st June 2019

We are constantly updating our Metigy help centre, designed specifically to help our wonderful customers comprehend better ways to get more out of MetigyAI. We have already delivered a lot of powerful functionality in our platform, and there are some really exciting new elements coming in early 2018.

We are building a sophisticated product, with the goal of making the complex task of marketing in an ever changing ecosystem, much more fun and incredibly more effective. Supporting that with more instructive help for our customers, just makes sense.

Please consider it an important first step though, as we have a lot more to add, to make it complete. We are of course, rolling out some great new technology through 2018, so expect this resource to grow to reflect that. It will be supported further as we roll out our on-platform user help, and our in app best practice messaging, via some really nice upgrades to our interface. We are also working on some really useful how-to-video’s, to make life easier, so you can expect most features to have video help.

The Metigy IQ program

We also realise, there is an incredibly valuable opportunity, to deliver education, on marketing best practice. It is such a complex task, and as your marketing technology partner, we need to educate through ideas, inspiration and best practice examples. So our customers can make the most of the resources we provide. So expect the Metigy team to work really hard to share lots of inspiration and education through our Metigy IQ program, which really hots up from here.

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