The best content creation tools for small businesses

30th June 2022

Every task is assigned to your plate when you’re a small business owner. What hat are you wearing today? If it’s marketing, have we got something that will blow your CEO’s mind (yes, you): a list of content creation tools.

Marketing is a complex, fast-moving bunny. Keeping up with the latest tools and insights to increase sales is a full-time job in big business. As is content creation, which, if you’re not across the tips and shortcuts for effective small business marketing, can be time-consuming. 

Even if you can afford an extra person or two, you need to be across everything as a small business owner. We get it. We’ve been there, and we know how many small business owners struggle with social media. 

We’ve pulled together this brilliant list of content creation tools to relieve your mind of content strategy and get you back to spending time doing what you do best in your business.

What are content creation tools?

Content creation tools are various websites, applications, and resources designed to help you create compelling, relevant content to post online. 

Business marketing tools are launched and improved daily. Content tools range from free ways to create new content to video content creation services, copywriting help, image editing tools, and affordable graphic design services. 

The right content creation tools can help you singlehandedly do what an entire marketing team would typically be responsible for and grow your business as they have for many other SMEs.

Here are 6 of our content creation favs:

  • Promo – an online video maker
  • Canva – a graphic design tool
  • Grammarly – for editing writing
  • Anchor – a podcasting tool
  • Unsplash – for high-quality, free stock photos
  • Metigy – for AI-powered insights about how to improve your digital marketing strategy.

When and where to use content creation tools

You can use content tools throughout your content marketing strategy. All will seamlessly integrate into your processes and make content creation easier from:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Creating graphics or videos 
  • Checking the quality of your caption copy


  • Reviewing the performance of your posts, and 
  • Adjust your strategy for optimal results.

Each social media creation tool listed achieves different things, so try them out and see what works for you. They all have free trial options. 

And if you really don’t have the time or head space to check out every content-making tool, then use Metigy – it’s an all-in-one tool covering every step of the content marketing process. 

Metigy’s AI-driven platform will help you develop content ideas and create a full content calendar based on your social media analytics. 

It helps you design graphics, create videos, build ad campaigns, and track metrics that measure your performance. 

It’s our marketing tool that any small business can start for free (yes, forever free).

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