Where to start with B2B marketing online?

May 13, 2022

Question – where do you go and what do you do if you want to start B2B Marketing online? Like everything in life – it all comes down to your network and relationships. Find out how to market and grow your small to medium business in a simple and cost effective way – on this episode of This Week in Marketing.

This is part five of five in a mini series takeover by The B2B Playbook

In this episode you’ll learn 

  • Where to actually start
  • The importance of trust
  • Using the previous three BE’s (Be ready, Be helpful, be seen) to help the next two BE’s (Be better and be the best)
  • The five BE’s summed up
  • And more

  • Transcript

    Daren (00:03):
    Question, where do you go and what do you do if you want to start B2B marketing online? Like everything in life, it all comes down to your network and relationships. Find out how to market and grow your small to medium business in a simple and cost effective way on This Week in Marketing

    Daren (00:21):
    Hey, everyone. I’m Daren Lake and welcome to This Week in Marketing, another podcast by Metigy. Each episode, we answer questions or talk about one specific idea to help you market and operate your small to medium enterprise better. We do that by making them easy to digest, short, and concise, because we’ve all got a business to run.

    Daren (00:42):
    We’ve got our friends, Kev and George, from The B2B Playbook Podcast to take over the next few episodes. Kevin Chen and George Coudounaris are a unique team. They are both ex-lawyers turned digital marketing wizards. And with over 10 years of experience between them, their main objective is to help business owners with proven, detailed strategies to drive demand and grow. Their podcast is the holy grail playbook that any business owner or marketer can use, no matter how early or advanced they are in their marketing journey. Make sure you go and check it out anywhere you can get podcast or the show notes description.

    Daren (01:17):
    This is part five of five, which is the last one in this mini series takeover by The B2B Podcast. In this episode, you’ll learn, where to actually start, the importance of trust, using the previous three Be’s, be ready, be helpful, be seen, the five Be’s summed up and more. Enough from me, let’s get into the convo with Kev and George.

    George (01:38):
    Kev, pretty often people ask us, “Just where should we get started?” I think it’s important that they know that you and I have been right there with them. Remember when we first got into B2B properly? And we take our approach as ex lawyers, sorry, mom and dad, we’re not lawyers anymore, but we take our approach as ex lawyers and we review as much of the existing content out there and we try and synthesize it. That’s exactly what we did for this B2B marketing journeys, we went and followed the best out there. We read everything that we could. What we found is there were so many different strategies, tactics out there that we wish someone would just organize it for us.

    Kevin (02:16):
    Yeah. We started testing some stuff.

    George (02:19):
    That’s right. So we were in the fortunate position where we could test what did, what didn’t with our clients. Over the years, we’ve come up with the five Be’s, which is a very step by step actionable strategy that really anyone, no matter what their experience is, can go through to get B2B growth online.

    Kevin (02:36):
    Yeah. Really that B2B framework that we’ve come up with, the five Be’s, is the answer to that question that we get. So where to from here? As we start to move, B2B marketing business strategy, that’s traditionally offline into the online sphere, where do we start? We say, start with being ready, understanding your customers and having a really deep understanding of their pain points, where they already are and what they’re asking for help with.

    George (03:03):
    Right. And then from there, you move onto being helpful, which is we know what their pain points are, so let’s go out there and help solve them.

    Kevin (03:09):
    And then taking that content, pushing it out there, and then taking the feedback that comes off that content and building a two-way conversation of feedback loop, so that your content can constantly improve and still hit the main pain points of your customers, of your dream customers. And also to start amplifying the impact of that content by pushing out through a bit of paid media.

    George (03:32):
    Do you remember Kevin, how sad/happy I was when I realized that B2B marketing strategy can actually just be so simple? It boils down to those three points. So every expert out there, every guru out there, every tactic, everything just comes back to those three points. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad about it. I guess I’m happy because we get to share it with everyone, but I would be even happier if people don’t have to go through that experience and confusion that you and I did and so many others did and can instead just work through those three major points with our framework.

    Kevin (04:07):
    That’s what we talk about week in week out, the five Be’s framework. Taking those foundational pillars and building on them and taking all the extra great information, and don’t get us wrong, there is a lot of great information out there about how to do B2B marketing. But generally giving people a framework, a structure in mind so that they can put those different tactics and strategies into a holistic framework. So they can really understand what that whole process looks like and know where to focus their energy on, where the gaps are and where they need to plug the holes. For us, that’s what we do on The B2B Playbook, and this is what we’re trying to do when we’re talking week in week out on The B2B Playbook Podcast about. And also what we’re talking about in this mini series with the Metigy podcast, we’re hoping more people will get this framework in mind to help them with their B2B marketing journey online.

    George (05:00):
    For those who are playing along at home, and they’re good at maths, they’ve probably noticed that our framework is the five Be’s, we’ve only mentioned three so far, Kev. We’ve said that they are be ready, be helpful, be seen, the next two are be better and be the best. What are they, Kev?

    Kevin (05:17):
    Well, be better and be the best is really about honing in the skills that you’ve built in the foundational sections. Be better is all about taking the data that you have on hand, taking the feedback you have on hand, both qualitative and quantitative and testing more things, doing small tests, testing different techniques that you see industry leaders are using and seeing if they work for your industry as well. And then in being the best, it’s taking that a step further, so taking the leading B2B marketing industry experts, taking their information, taking their tactics, building into your own framework, building into your own flow, and then becoming an industry leader yourself in your own right in the B2B marketing space. And that’s about, I guess, putting out a little bit of Meta content as well about how you’ve gone through that journey, but then becoming that leader in the space as well, so that your brand gets amplified through the efforts of just your marketing strategy alone.

    George (06:15):
    Well, there you go be better and be the best isn’t just something that your parents shout at you. It’s the final two steps in our five Be’s framework. And it actually is going to be a way of improving your overall marketing.

    Kevin (06:29):
    If listeners want to find out a bit more about how to start that journey, George, the easiest way is to think about be ready first and understanding your customers and you can find out all about how to do that on our podcast, The B2B Playbook, where we release information about that framework every week, week in week out, on a Monday morning. And also through this miniseries as a starter, and to check out the rest of the great content on the Metigy podcast, which talk about things, whether they’re in the B2B space that we talk about or otherwise with SMEs.

    George (06:58):
    Yeah. I always follow Metigy, and I see they have a lot of great content that they put out too. It’s perfect for people working in small, medium sized businesses.

    Kevin (07:08):
    That’s a great example of The B2B Playbook framework in practice.

    George (07:11):
    That’s it. That’s exactly right.
    Daren (07:14):
    From Metigy, you’ve listened to This Week in Marketing. Again, I’m Daren and Metigy hopes we helped you find more insights and tips into your business. To find out more about Metigy and get a listener exclusive three month free trial, visit us at metigy.com/podcast. And while you’re there, go and check out some more episodes. If you like, what you heard, please share a link to another business owner or marketer, who you think could get something from this. Also, to help us out, it would be great if you left a five star review on your favorite podcast app. Last, never miss another episode by following or subscribing to us on your favorite podcast player. See you on next episode.

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