Social Media Updates: June

2nd June 2022

With the ever changing nature of social media it sure is hard to keep up to date! Here are some new updates from Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram new updates

I’m sure you’ve heard about Instagram’s newest update, a full screen display of the main feed. This didn’t come as a surprise to many as Instagram had previously announced that they were working to align their content feed around Reels. It seems the majority of social platforms are leaning towards this latest usage trend, inspired by TikTok. 

This update has come with lots of controversy as creators and influencers may need to rethink the way they post. #instagramupdate quickly became a popular hashtag on twitter as many shared their thoughts. 

Other than the complete feed transformation, here are more new updates:

  • Refreshed Instagram branding and logo: if you take a closer look at the Instagram logo you’ll notice a new Instagram Sans font and a lighter color pallet.
  • Promotion of accessibility features: with the prevalence of disabling’ hearing loss and vision impairments, Instagram has created an official Accessibility One-Pager with tips on how to use; auto-generated captions on instagram video, captions sticker on stories & reels, translations in feed, profile & stories and alternative text for posts.
  • NFTs on Instagram: users may now use their feed, stories or messages to share any NFTs they have bought.
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TikTok for WooCommerce collaboration

TikTok has recently partnered with WooCommerce to assist merchants to reach a global audience via the TikTok platform. WooCommerce is home to almost one-third of all online shopping websites. This collaboration accommodates both small and established business owners. 

“With the TikTok for WooCommerce integration, you can sync your store catalog, install the most advanced TikTok pixel for campaign performance tracking in 1 click, and create an ad to target your audience in minutes.” (From TikTok For Business)

This new partnership may be a game changer for small businesses marketing their products. TikTok is quickly becoming more influential with over 1 billion people using TikTok every month in 2022.

Photo source: Tiktok For Business

Some of the TikTok for WooCommerce features include:

  • Syncing your product catalog: with the plugin businesses are able to automatically sync your WooCommerce product catalog to TikTok to unlock various ad formats.
  • Enable the most advanced TikTok Pixel: unlock an advanced TikTok Pixel on your businesses webpage to easily measure and maximize your advertising. This helps optimize the results of your campaign efforts, and help maximize your return on ad spend.
  • Create Ads in minutes: the WooCommerce dashboard allows you to “Create a Campaign” and use the Smart Video Generator tool to create an ad.

Instagram’s video reaction update for Reels coming soon

To touch on Instagram again, they’re working on a Video Reaction Option for Reels to further promote themselves as becoming a video-first platform. It seems it will be similar to the way users are able to create a reaction video from a comment on TikTok. 

A motive behind this upcoming addition would be the obvious encouragement for more reels to be posted on Instagram. With being able to react, people have a reason to post a reel, bringing Instagram further towards being a video-first platform. 

Instagram has already introduced the ability to “Remix a Reel” which appears to be similar to TikTok’s “Duet” function. This tool allows others to record their own reels alongside another creator’s post. Creators wanting to grow their account may find this tool beneficial in connecting with other creators and getting that spark of inspiration.

As each platform evolves, it is apparent that short form videos are taking over. How do you feel about Instagram’s new updates? Will it have an effect on your marketing strategy and/or how you adjust your posting?

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