Social media content ideas for your business

22nd June 2022

When it comes to social media, you can’t have too many ideas. Social media is on like Donkey Kong: 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Whether you post weekly, daily or more for your business, it is a lot to produce, and even more so if you create different posts for different platforms, which is ideal.

The good news is you can find content ideas for your brand’s social media just about anywhere. And if you spend some time setting up these three suggestions, not only will your idea box overfloweth, it will maximize those content opportunities. 

Three pro marketing strategies that will fill your content calendar and keep you from content creation burnout:

  1. Stop, monitor, and listen.
  2. Reuse, repurpose, recycle.
  3. Generate and automate.

1. Stop, monitor, and listen

Have you heard the term social monitoring or social listening? Social monitoring is when a brand tracks/monitors social media chatter and discussions about their brands and related brands or topics. It’s also when they actively use social platforms to interact or respond directly to customer comments or issues. 

Social listening takes the monitoring a step further by using the data and insights to develop better user experiences and brand connection.

Triggering your own chatter on trending topics is a good example.

Everyone wants to be heard, including your ideal client, and pinpointing trending topics is a brilliant way to do this. Could your brand inform or help a discussion online?

On social media, Twitter has its finger on the pulse for what matters to people on any given day. Track a trending hashtag that connects with your business to find what piqued people’s interest. What do they have to say about it? 

Google Alerts is another fantastic resource. Receive notifications (alerts) straight to your inbox as soon as something about your relevant topic is published.

Different strokes for different folks: Each social media channel attracts a different audience, so the chances are high that your brand’s followers will vary per platform. The person who saw your tweet yesterday probably won’t read your Facebook post today and vice versa.  

If the voice or tone is getting you stumped, read this about creating marketing personas to help stay on brand across different audiences and platforms. 

2. Reuse, repurpose, and recycle your content 

One of the best and easiest ways to find new ideas for your social posts and other content is to reuse, repurpose, and recycle the content you’ve already created. 

Absolutely any content you have already created and even published is worthy of another go. 

Review your website pages, blogs, or newsletters; your business plan or marketing strategy probably has a magic line or five that speaks volumes about your brand that a potential customer would love to hear. 

What about emails or sales pitches? Ever shared some sage advice with a client in an email? Or did they ask a pertinent question that you could use? If it’s a question you’ve answered more than once, you can bet your content calendar potential customers will want to know about it too. 

There is much more content at hand than you probably realize that can be broken down and tweaked. Here are five examples of how to repurpose content

  1. Take a 10-second snippet out of a longer video and turn it into a GIF for Twitter, then upload the original video in its entirety on your website and YouTube channel.
  2. Pull highlights from old blog posts and use them for shorter social media posts. 
  3. Take facts or stats used in other written content (blogs/posts) and reuse them for infographics. 
  4. Have lots of old success stories or expert interviews? Pull out the best quotes and make a social media tile. 
  5. Old photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are just fine for newer social media and blog content. 

And don’t be afraid to straight out republish a social media post. Repurposing content is a big part of content creation. Even if a follower sees the same post twice, there’s no need to sweat – if your marketing message is on point and resonates with them, it will only help solidify brand recognition. 

3. Generate and automate

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Before you know it, our AI technology will be solving digital content problems, and you will be a savvy marketer, increasing your reach and achieving business goals.

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