Social Media Analytics: What is organic reach and how to increase yours

26th August 2021

Organic reach is one of the essential social media marketing metrics to measure. What exactly is organic reach and how can you go about increasing the reach of your posts? Let’s have a look. 

What is organic reach?

Organic reach is a social media marketing metric that measures the number of unique accounts that have seen a post on a social media platform. 

In short, it measures how many people have seen the post once.

Importantly, organic reach excludes any reach that is a result of paid promotion. It specifically measures the natural or ‘organic’ reach of your post. 

Considering paid promotions and ad boosts aren’t included in the calculations, you might be wondering what you can do to increase your organic reach. Here are six quick tips…

1. Focus your efforts

The golden rule is to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Try to concentrate your efforts on a couple of platforms, which will offer you the biggest return. 

Choosing which platforms to concentrate on is easier than you might think: 

  • Think about your audience, your business, and your competition. Where do your competitors and market leaders have a strong presence?
  • Investigate where your audience frequents and what works for your competitors is key.
  • It’s important to also look into the business objectives and which platforms can help you reach these. 

2. Optimize your profiles

Social media algorithms operate like search engines. This means you need to optimize your social media content much the same way you would a website.

Every part of your social media profile can be tweaked for better optimization and visibility, including:

  • Your username: Make it readable and easy to remember
  • Your photo/logo: Make it eligible and easily recognizable
  • Your description: Make it keyword-rich and easy to read
  • Your website link: Make it trackable

When posting, use these same elements to decide which images to use, which keywords to include, and how you phrase your call to action (CTA).

3. Post evergreen content

Different content formats have varied lifespans, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on posting evergreen material (content without an expiry date). Making sure you apply popular hashtags where possible will ensure that your content is discoverable. 

Your posts should be engaging and sharable, so spend time researching how to make your content stand out. Great evergreen will remain relevant and discoverable to your audience forever.

4. Choose quality over quantity

The average user is inundated with social media posts every day. Given how much content is produced, there’s no way all of it will make it through an algorithm’s gates to be displayed.

Rather than posting more, you should ensure your posts are targeted and relevant. Posting less content that is higher quality will increase your organic reach far more than spamming your page.

5. Target your hours

Posting while everyone is online might seem like the smartest play, but in reality, you’re also posting when everyone else does. If you wait until non-peak hours to post, you’re less likely to be drowned out in the flood of other posts.

The most efficient way to tailor your posting time to your audience is to use AI-driven recommendations, which tell you when your audience is the most engaged. Metigy offers AI-powered recommendations for the most engaged posting time. 

6. Pay attention to post medium

Certain types of content can give you a huge organic boost. Video has been the preferred format for both Facebook and Instagram.

When deciding on what medium to post, always look at how your previous posts have fared. Using the analytics tools provided by Metigy can help guide you on the most engaging content for your audience. 

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