SMB’s deserve Technology that will drive their Social Marketing

7th March 2022

You’ve made big plans to grow your business and you know you need to reach more customers, but what next?

One of the key insights that have been obvious to me for years is that small business and start-ups need great technology that can help them connect with customers and grow, but this is the stage when they can least afford it.

Even when the successful brands grow to become medium enterprises, they are competing with larger enterprises that have more resources, including the ability to invest in enterprise technology. So medium enterprises need their software decisions from earlier, to be able to grow with their expanding needs and continue to deliver and adapt to meet their growth objectives. It is logical that contemporary software products scale in cost and features, as and when the users need more, and can afford it.

“What if we could map patterns in data and then use Machine Learning to deliver recommended actions that help users make the most of real-time opportunities”

With this in mind, the Metigy team has taken our enterprise level social marketing platform and scaled the functionality to suit the relative needs of small to medium enterprises. We have made it affordable for startups and growing a small business, even bloggers and influencers, but we have built in scalability to meet the needs of growing marketing teams and SMB leaders, as they want more.

The Solution for Marketing

Our solution was conceived with the objective of creating a user friendly innovative product, that would connect the entire digital ecosystem, capturing engagement and conversion data to measure social marketing effectiveness, and making that available in an integrated environment that had the tools to execute great Socially inspired ideas in a more efficient and effective way, than other products that appeared to not be as aware of what users really needed.


What we also realised while we were part of We Are Social, building outstanding scaled social marketing programs for large brands, was that what great agencies do for clients, is deliver creative execution born from data inspired insights and strategy. SMB’s need this capability more than anyone, but generally may not have access to it.

So when was Social Marketing tech going to shift from focusing on the provision of data and the tools to execute the idea once you have it, to deliver the incredibly valuable and missed opportunity – Insights and Actions. It was a moment of inspiration for the Metigy team, as we had the data and the tools to help execute, but no product was delivering the insight and recommended action, while integrating all elements in the process, in one seamless environment. From data to Insights to Actions, in real-time, with ease.


What if we could map patterns in data and then use Machine Learning to deliver recommended actions that help users make the most of real-time opportunities, leveraging naturally trending conversation, to transcend the outcomes normally achieved in social marketing, by small teams. We call the missing element “Marketing Recommendation Technology (MRT)” and you can read more, and I am pleased to say that we are not far from delivering on this ambitious objective.

As we prepare for the release of our SMB solution late in August 2016 and MRT in Q4, we have extended a limited opportunity for early adopters to register now for free extended access, as part of the elite group who are keen to get a taste of the evolution that is coming to Marketing Technology.

Come and try it for free today! We’ve got plans to suit businesses of all sizes!

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