Shooting great footage of yourself without any help

7th May 2021

Creating compelling video on a budget, quickly and efficiently, is a skill that every content team needs, regardless of whether you are a content creator for an SMB, blogging or just producing regular content and need to work to a budget. The good news, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Telling a great story through video, requires a combination of creativity and imagination, but fortunately, it no longer requires loads of expensive equipment or a cast of thousands to get it right.

We have been producing a whole lot of new content for our upcoming campaign focusing on the next generation of Metigy. This included putting together talking heads of the team covering new features and how to use them. After my first couple of attempts to do it by myself, I decided I needed some input or to get some help. Like most entrepreneurs, I decided I could do it myself and all I needed was the right advice and the right equipment. But could I do it on a budget? Or was it going to cost thousands?

In researching and buying reasonably priced equipment required to execute professional quality video, and the way to go about shooting without needing to distract the team or bring in professionals, I discovered some really helpful instructional videos that will fast track your approach and outcomes. So we thought we should share them across a series of upcoming posts on Metigy Learning.

This video from Peter McKinnon is a particular favorite as he shares some really practical tips on how to make your final result more interesting, including equipment tips to have you shooting footage of yourself, without any help, while still looking like it has been produced professionally. Perhaps skip the first 60 seconds, which is entertaining if not helpful, but after that, the ideas are priceless and will really help your results.


Here are the links to the camera mounting arms Peter Mentions:

Beefy Friction Arm

Big Clamp for Friction Arm

Smaller Friction Arm

Check out Peter on YouTube, for some more great ideas.