Segment and target your audience to increase relevancy

Segment and target your audience to increase relevancy
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In case you have not realized this yet, you can use our new Facebook and Instagram advertising options to target specific audiences with targeted messages

You can use a post with a tailored offer to generate better engagement from a very specific part of your audience or customer base, in exactly the same way you run an ad. Yet the experience for your audience feels much more natural as though they are engaging with your content. The key is to make the offer feel more relevant and get the message aligned with that audience.

Fortunately, the technical execution is very easy now with Metigy.

Think of the example where you want to offer an incentive or special deal to a part of your audience based on geography, age and interests. Simply create an audience with those characteristics in Facebook, then create the specific post on Metigy and add your audience selection, goal and budget and set it to publish, which can go to both Facebook and Instagram. The post goes live and then the ad spend makes sure that the bulk of the reach is to your specific audience, and this is far more effective than relying on organic reach. Even a small investment will yield 10x over organic reach, and all focused on the potential customers you actually want to get the attention of.

You can also set the post to publish as a Dark Post, which ensures only your intended audience sees this post and it won’t appear in your general page feed. Just like an ad but better. This is quite useful when the offer would be far less relevant to the rest of your audience outside the specific geography, for example.

For experimentation too, don’t forget to duplicate the post using our duplicate feature, and then tweak the message and A/B test that ad, or use the same post with relevant messaging adaptation across different audience parameters. Great ideas and content should be leveraged.

Remember, an effective piece of content can be carved up and enhanced for relevance if you think about your audience in segments and improve relevancy.

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