Pinterest Presents 2022: What we learned

12th April 2022

A few weeks ago, I attended the Pinterest Presents 2022 webinar and let me tell you, it had everything! 

Over the course of the webinar, I gained insights into Pinterest Trends from 2022, Pinterest’s integrated shopping experience, and even got to hear from a personal favourite of mine – Tan France of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’. 

For those of you who haven’t explored Pinterest before, it describes itself as a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. For small businesses, Pinterest is a great tool for marketing and promoting your products and services. Let’s dig into the details of Pinterest Presents 2022. 

Pinterest trends 2022: What’s new with this social media channel?

For anyone who has used Pinterest before, you’d know that Pinterest is for planners. But can you really plan a trend? Not really. However, Pinterest uses its data and insights to predict emerging trends

In 2022, eight out of 10 of the trend predictions Pinterest made came true (and 80% accuracy is pretty impressive if you ask me). Some of the trends Pinterest predicted were Dopamine Dressing (wearing vibrant, bright and bold colors) OMG – Oh My Goth (bringing ‘gothic’ aesthetic into the mainstream) and Altbashes (celebrating the moments in life that we usually wouldn’t) just to name a few. 

Brands like Sage (a technology that provides small and medium businesses with the visibility, flexibility and efficiency to manage finances, operations and human relations) have used Pinterest predictions in their social media marketing strategies. One of Sage’s campaign objectives was to create approachable and human connection through their social media. They used Pinterest data and insights while leaning on current trends to guide their social media marketing campaign strategy. In this instance, they discovered a particular trend that aligned closely with their business – ‘Bet on yourself’. This trend centered around entrepreneurial spirit and being a self starter. To leverage this trend, Sage coined their new campaign ‘Back Yourself’, and advertised it on Pinterest. The campaign resulted in an increase in traffic and conversions, proving how successful campaign strategies that implement Pinterest Predictions can be.

Shopping on Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest users who shop on the social media platform have 85% larger shopping baskets than traditional online shopping? And did you know that shoppers on Pinterest are more open to buying new brands? 

Pinterest has created a new feature called the Verified Merchant Program, that verifies different merchants to show they are credible to shop with. Brands with verified merchant details are 16% more likely to get conversions. You’re required to apply and meet the criteria to be a part of the merchant program before you can be verified. 

If you’re a merchant in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK or the US, you can apply to join the Verified Merchant Program here. 

Tan France shows us ‘Your Shop’

Tan France, from Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’, is a well-regarded style icon – so who better to explain to us what Pinterest’s Your Shop is all about. Your Shop is a shopping experience on Pinterest that is unique to your taste and tailored to you. 

Your favorite pins influence your shopping experience, with each pin curating more tailored to items that may interest you. 

If you’re interested in supporting certain types of businesses – from eco-friendly to LBGTQI+ owned businesses, you’re able to find them through Your Shop. You’re also able to purchase directly from businesses through Pinterest without having to leave the app.

Pinterest is a home for creators

Creators on Pinterest are different – they’re experts in getting people to try new things. Pinterest users are looking for inspiration around every corner. Creators on Pinterest drive meaning for their audiences, which encourages them to take action. 

Audiences on Pinterest are more willing to try new brands and products, meaning they’re more likely to buy new brands and products. To cultivate this, Pinterest has developed a feature for creators called Idea Pins. Pinterest describes Idea Pins as “a multi-page canvas to share your ideas. They last forever, and help you grow your audience”. Viewers can browse Idea Pins through the ‘Watch’ tab, located at the top right of the app.

Screenshot of Pinterest Broq

Pinterests ROI (Return On Inspiration)

Whether you‘re seeking gothic inspiration for your new home renovation or finding decoration ideas for your next Altbash get together, Pinterest is a place where you can create, inspire and reach new audiences. 

Through the power of Merchant Details, Your Shop, Idea Pins and more – Pinterest is a place for businesses and creators to be themselves and do what they do best. 

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