How to take good photos for social media when you’re a one-person team

How to take good photos for social media when you’re a one-person team
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Two heads, they say, are better than one. But sometimes, you might not have the luxury of having a team, so you’ll need to take your photos for social media by yourself. So, how do you go about it?

Taking a good photo for your social media is pretty doable. Since you are a one-person team, you need to put in the best efforts to get good results.

Below are some tips to follow when preparing to take the perfect pictures to represent your brand in the best way as a one-person team.

Work your camera

Work your camera

For a one-person team, your best bet is to use a phone camera. Since you use the phone for other purposes, the chances are high that the camera lens will not always be clean. 

Before taking your photo, ensure you clean the surface of the lens. After initially cleaning the lens, open your camera and take a test photo to see if the result is clear. 

If it’s still blurry, use a damp cloth or a glass wipe to clean the surface again. 

Try taking another test photo to see the new result. This time, the picture should be clearer. 

Do not use hard materials for cleaning your device as it might damage your lens. 

Use supportive tools like a tripod or mount

Use supportive tools like a tripod or mount

Shooting alone isn’t easy, and you’ll need some assistance. Since you can’t get help from another person, you’ll need to use supportive tools like tripods or mounts.

Tripods allow you to take steady pictures from different angles that you won’t be able to take on your own.

Before taking a photo with your tripod, ensure the tripod is on a flat surface.

Use the delay capture feature

Use the delay capture feature

Getting in the correct position when taking a self-portrait for social media can be quite a chore. 

Fortunately, most cameras have a delay capture feature or timer that allows you to get into position before your camera captures any images.

To use this feature, open your camera setting and click on delay capture. You can set the timer to wait for 3-10 seconds before capturing the image. It’s best to use the maximum time possible to ensure you are completely ready. 

Enable shutter sound

Enable shutter sound

You’ll not be holding your camera if you’re taking a self-portrait, so how can you confirm that your camera has captured an image? 

You can either start counting the seconds on your timer or turn on your camera’s shutter sound.

The sound informs you when the time is counting down and when the picture is ready.

Use grid lines

Use grid lines

Many photographers follow the Rule of Third when taking amazing pictures for social media. 

The rule of third is a type of composition that requires dividing an image into thirds. The division includes the vertical and horizontal axis. The main object in the image should stand at an intersection of the dividing lines or along the lines.

Following this rule is easy, and it improves the efficiency of each shot. The gridline has four intersection points, and the main object should fall in between or on these points.

Work on your lighting

Work on your lighting

Another vital aspect of taking outstanding photographs is your lighting. It could literally make or break your photos.

Whether you’re working inside or outside, you need to pay attention to the lightning. 

The best result comes when you are patient enough to adjust the lighting condition until it fits your style and suits your goals. 

When working as a one-person team, you’re bound to spend more time setting up your camera. So start early in the day to get the most out of the sun’s natural light. 

Golden Hour's shoots—an hour before sunset—are usually glorious and look great for social media, especially if you’re an outdoor brand. 

Unless you have no other options, don’t take photos using your camera’s flash. Instead, invest in a professional ring light.

Explore different angles

Explore different angles

Choosing different angles can help you take pictures with varying quality. As such, you make the photo more beautiful and captivating for the viewers. 

Since you are probably shooting with a stand, raise the camera stand to take a picture above the subject. 

Lower the stand to take below the subject. Try taking the photo from the far left and far right. 

Compare the results with the one taken in the center and see which one makes more sense. 

The more you work with different angles, the easier it becomes to get a better perspective.

Be natural

Be natural

Try the original ideas you have in mind. Then, save the result and explore other options.

Be playful with your pose, test different angles. Even a pose that looks unrealistic will work wonders with patience.

Don’t be restricted to one pattern. The more options you explore, the more pictures you have for your social media page. 

Before you post, edit 

Before you post, edit 

Is it always compulsory to edit your pictures? No!

Most pictures require little editing if all conditions were perfect when taking the shot.

Nonetheless, you may choose to edit if you want to add certain feels and emotions that you didn’t capture during the shot.

At this point, you may need to learn how to use editing applications in their varieties. Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, etc., are some of the available options.

Social media pictures should be original. So, edit carefully!

Don’t eliminate all errors captured in the original shot. Such unintentional errors make the picture more perfect. In addition, some of those flaws might improve engagement with the photo itself.

Over to you

Taking photos for social media as a one-person team is doable. Irrespective of why you have to do it alone, you can make it fun and have stunning results while you’re at it. 

Following all the simple steps in this guide will help you take a good picture for your social media page. 

Be natural; let your social media followers see the quality of your work. Keep trying until you perfect your skills. 

Within a short period, you will become an expert at taking good photos for social media. Done taking the perfect photo as a one-person team? Get started with Metigy to Schedule your post.

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