‘People connect with people’ – Geoff Main shares the recipe for great Digital Marketing

9th June 2020

Building a solid and effective digital marketing campaign is much more than that eureka moment and a few team meetings. If you want to see results and build a scalable and successful business, there’s so much more that goes into getting these ideas off the ground.

We spoke to Geoff Main, Marketing Director and Founder of Passionberry Marketing about his many years of working with start-ups, how you can put your best foot forward and what great digital marketing looks like. Having worked at Nabo, TriCharity and heading up the Marketing team for the Cricket World Cup – we got a lot more than just insights into the goings-on of the Baggy Greens. We’ve got some key learnings for you, Geoff calls them his 3 P’s of marketing:


The thing about great ideas is that none of them are original – and that’s ok. When approaching digital marketing, the best way to gauge how your audience will respond is to look at what’s already out there. You can guarantee you won’t be the first one to do it, so make sure you know who your competitors are and analyse the market space before you roll out your content. Doing this will help you figure out what works and what channels you should utilise. All being said, make sure you stay true to you!

Build sustainable processes. It sounds simple, but one thing that start-ups so often get wrong is they get excited and move too quickly without defining processes which are scalable and can stand strong in the long-term. Make sure the whole team is on board, and don’t be too rigid – keep reviewing these processes, there’s always room for improvement. Sense test your idea before it goes live, make sure it works and really resonates with people. After all, that’s who you’re trying to connect to. If it gets people excited and all the cogs fit, then put your all into getting the funding and getting it out there.

Position yourself

Make sure you ask the difficult questions early on. Try to take a step back and look at your content from an outsider perspective. It can be hard to dissociate yourself from something you’ve created and nurtured – so bring on people who aren’t close to the project. Make sure you know what it is you want to do, why you’re doing it, and lastly who this is for – what does that person look like? Keep your brain engaged and growing. Take new classes, listen to podcasts, read books and articles – taking in new information can only help broaden your mind and add a new perspective. It might also change the content you put out there and make you reconsider your own marketing approach.

We’ve got a whole range of podcasts, creative inspo and how-to guide’s to make sure you’ve got a stream of content to keep you inspired. An important one – be clear about who you are, who you’re talking to and how you can provide value. What’s the word that comes to mind when you hear the name Volvo? safety. Or Apple? Think different. The thing these business giants of the world have in common is that they have a clear identity and vision. If you put content out there that says a million different things, you won’t gain peoples trust and you’re guaranteed to fail. Know yourself and make sure this comes through in your


The most important one. Make sure you find people who can do several things. Having a salesperson who knows marketing and a marketer who knows sales will be invaluable. These kind of people are invaluable and can bring more to your business than just a good phone voice or slick copywriting skills. If you’ve got people who can do the groundwork and generate new ideas and leads – that gives you a great head start.

Although digital marketing may lay in the realm of technology – it’s all about people. We learn through our interactions with people in life, and the end customer is always going to be a human. That means we need to think strategically and learn from each other. Surround yourself with people that you trust. Although this might sometimes mean we hear a few hard truths, it’ll keep your content and your overall digital marketing strategy sincere and strong.

The most valuable assets you have are time, money and people. Although the future may seemingly be headed towards AI and automation, this isn’t the answer for everything. People connect with people.

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