How to schedule social posts with Metigy’s Instagram Content Publishing feature

Oct 07, 2021

Posting your content on Instagram. Sounds like an easy thing to do. Just make your content and post it up on Instagram. But what if you want to get more organised and plan ahead with a tool that allows you to schedule that content? Listen on to find out the answer to that and more on… This Week In Marketing.

In this episode we have our senior brand and content lead, Clare Riley, walk you through the ins and outs of Metigy’s Instagram Publishing feature. 

This episode will cover;

  1. IG Content Publishing types and Metigy integration
  2. Scheduling posts & file types
  3. Post Approvals and who can use these features
  4. Costs & The Metigy Mobile App

1. IG Content Publishing types and Metigy integration

Here’s a bit of history – users of Instagram who ran a business profile could only manually publish their posts by using Instagram’s mobile app. Some third party social media tools allowed drafts to be saved, however users would still need to use Instagram to publish those drafts and make them live. This feature launch, ‘Instagram Content Publishing’, means that businesses or content creators can now post directly to Instagram from Metigy without the need to log in to their accounts elsewhere. 

Here at Metigy, we’ve been working hard to secure access to the new Instagram Content Publishing feature for our users who have told us about the need to have this process streamlined. By using this feature you can:

  • Schedule multiple posts and publish directly to your Instagram account from Metigy
  • Learn what you should be doing on Instagram and how to do it
  • Get support making decisions with real-time recommendations
  • Collaborate on Instagram posts by approving them in our calendar
  • Connect Instagram and manage all social channels from one place
  • Use suggested hashtags to help your content be seen on Instagram


What are the different types of posts on Instagram?

There are many different types of posts available to publish on Instagram, everything from:

  • Standard photos or images
  • Reels
  • Instagram Video
  • Carousels featuring up to 10 images and
  • Videos that become stories.

Metigy loves all of these formats, but with the limitations of the social media platform’s publishing API, our Instagram content publishing feature assists with posting single images or videos to your schedule at a time. Forms of content that are currently not supported are: 

  • Stories/Reels
  • Shopping tags
  • Branded content / partnership content
  • Filters
  • Multi-image posts such as carousels


2. Scheduling posts and file types

Check out our video tutorials on how to schedule instagram content here. Instagram has placed a limit of 25 published posts within a 24-hour period through connected third party tools like Metigy, but remember to check your Metigy plan to see how many posts you’re allowed to schedule at a time. Depending on the plan you use with us you can pre-schedule up to 1,000 posts through our content calendar. Our feature currently supports the following file types:

  • JPEG files for images (Extended JPEG formats such as MPO and JPS are not supported)
  • MOV and MP4 files for videos

If you’re out of visual aids, no fret! We have an in-built image search tool to help you find images that work with your brand and content theme.

3. Post Approvals and who can use these features

The great thing about Instagram Content Publishing is that anyone can use it. In any Metigy plan you will always have visibility of your post before it goes live, but an additional benefit of Metigy’s Instagram Publishing feature that you wouldn’t want to miss out on is the ability to work alongside your team too! In Metigy’s team plan, colleagues can draft up posts for review with notifications through the approval process. The approval workflow is something that’s important for businesses. It can be a really great way of maintaining that consistency of message.  You can find out more about that plan here or through our customer service representatives. 

4. Costs and the Metigy mobile app

Instagram Content Publishing is available to all users on all our plans and we have a few different options to choose from depending on your business size and social media needs. 

With any good social media monitoring tool, you should be able to get a free trial. Here at Metigy, we believe you should be able to try that product for free and can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time without any conditions. Sometimes preferences change and we want you to feel safe choosing the right plan while knowing you’re not locked in! Having that flexibility is important.

Can I manage publishing my Instagram content on a mobile app?

Very shortly we’ll be releasing our very first mobile app that will open up even more channels for your content and allow you to manage your content on the go. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting development!

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