LinkedIn Carousel ad units are delivering 300%+ improvement for B2B brands

LinkedIn Carousel ad units are delivering 300%+ improvement for B2B brands
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LinkedIn Carousel ad units are delivering 300%+ conversion improvement for B2B brands, so why aren’t you using them for your brand? Perhaps because you haven’t heard of this new ad unit type LinkedIn released a couple of months ago, or perhaps because you are just comfortable doing what has worked before. That’s ok, but complacency is the downfall of most marketing strategy. You need to continue to test and try new things, to see if you can improve your results. That is exactly what a bunch of B2B brands did during a trial with the new ad unit type, and on average they delivered a 300%+ improvement on website traffic conversion, over previously used formats. Perhaps it is the new larger image format, or the ability to stack some images together to tell a more visual story, but regardless, you should be testing this new format to reach more customers and drive sales. The power of them is that you can include a headline, and then multiple images, each with a separate appropriate tagline for the image, and the user slides right to unveil more images in a sequence. So you can tell a story visually and make a more meaningful connection beyond a simple tagline and an image. This really suits B2B brands when you often need to provide a bit more detail to generate engagement. So what exactly do Carousel ad units look like? This is a good example. It sits in the news feed, and done well, it should really jump out for the appropriate audience. In a simple context, it’s bringing the art of storytelling to an ad unit, as great creative has always done. Hopefully we have motivated you to give it a try. Even if you only use a very small budget to get started and to test and learn. As a guide, at Metigy we just test with a $25 a day budget to see if an idea works. If it is working and delivering a cost-effective result, then you can reassess the value. So why not get going!

Concept 1: Decide on the goal and format for your campaign

Decide on the goal and format for your campaign

You should already know what your focus is for growing your business and what current micro objectives are monopolizing your efforts and campaigns now. If not, then that is a whole new topic, but let’s assume you have that. Pick an objective and decide on your creative approach.

Concept 2: Prepare your images

Prepare your images

Think of the story you want to tell, and prepare multiple images, probably 4 or 5 that you can present in a sequence, and what taglines or copy goes with them to help comprehension. The ad unit specifications are
  1. You must have a minimum of two cards. You cannot have more than 10 cards.
  2. For the overall ad unit, the intro text/commentary/description area is limited to a maximum of 255 characters.
    • Intro text may truncate at 150 characters on some mobile devices.
  3. For the individual cards within the carousel:
    • Recommended individual image spec is 1080×1080 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
    • Rich media formats supported include JPG, PNG and non-animated GIF
Once you have your creative ready, you are ready to set up your ad.

Concept 3: Creating your ad unit on LinkedIn

Creating your ad unit on LinkedIn

To get started go to The Create a Carousel Ad page, or you can go straight to Campaign Manager and follow these instructions. You may need to create an advertising account for your brand, so do that or select the existing account. Then just follow these instructions:
  1. Sign in to Campaign Manager.
  2. Click the account name where you’d like to create your new campaign.
  3. Click the Create campaign button in the top right of the Account Details page.
  4. Click Select to the right of Sponsored Content.
  5. Name your campaign and select the options that work best for you from the required fields and click Next.
  6. Select Send people to your website or content as your campaign objective and click Next.
  7. From the Ad format section select Carousel and click Next.
  8. You can select existing content or create new Sponsored Content from the Build Ads section.
  9. If you select existing content, click Sponsor selected carousel button
  10. To create a new ad, click Create carousel ad button near the top right.
  11. If you’re creating a new ad creative, complete the required fields on the Create a carousel page, upload images for your carousel cards, and click Save. This panel looks like this The LinkedIn Carousel ad unit creation panel
    1. Input the Main URL – this is the destination the overall carousel ad unit will drive to. You can choose to include different URLs on each card, or you can check the box to have all the cards link to the Main URL.
    2. You can preview the ad on the right of the same page under the Preview section.
    3. To get a shareable permalink for the preview, go to the Ads tab and click the intro text for your post. This will take you to the permalink.
  12. Select the Carousel Ad you created from the list and click the Sponsor selected carousel button near the top right.
  13. You can also preview the ad by clicking the  Preview icon to the right of the ad under Actions.
  14. Complete the required fields from the Audience Creation section and click Next.
  15. Select your bid, budget, the duration for your campaign, and click Launch Campaign. Once your ad is approved it will start serving.
  16. Don’t forget to preview your ad unit before you commit to publish. The review panel appears like this and it is best practice to cope check all copy at this point. Don’t forget to review your ad unit in preview mode

Concept 4: Test, measure and learn and then repeat the process

Test, measure and learn and then repeat the process

The key to all marketing is to test, measure, learn and repeat the process until you are getting the results you need. Metigy is constantly refining our measurement and Recommendation capability to support with this process, so you can expect to see the results coming through Recommendations. If you follow these concepts then you will be engaging customers and driving conversion via LinkedIn in no time. Be sure to drop our team a note about your results via and if you want advice on other topics then let us know and we will deliver it as a best practice guide.
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