Why isn’t your video content working? Here’s how to polish it up

Jun 17, 2022

Are you publishing a bunch of video content but it’s not working? Is your video engagement low and your audience doesn’t seem to care? If so, we’ve got the answer for you.

Find out how to polish up your video content and more on this episode of This Week In Marketing.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why it’s not connecting
  • How to put stuff out that you find interesting
  • Using B-Roll footage, music and more!

If you want to learn more about improving your video content, check out this blog on B-roll footage:

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Daren (00:03):

Are you publishing a bunch of video content and it’s not working?

Speaker 2 (00:06):


Daren (00:06):

Is your video engagement low and your audience doesn’t seem to really care?

Speaker 3 (00:10):


Daren (00:11):

If so, we’ve got the answer for you. Find out how to polish up your video content and more on this episode. On This Week in Marketing. On This Week in Marketing. Hey, everyone, I’m Daren Lake. And welcome to This Week in Marketing, another podcast by Metigy. Each episode, we answer questions or talk about one specific idea to help you market and operate your small to medium enterprise better. And we do that by making them easy to digest, short and concise because we’ve all got a business to run.

Daren (00:45):

In this four part series about content. We’ll walk you through how to create better content and engage more with your followers. I’ll be joined by Metigy’s own content coordinator, Joyce Cabanilla. Joyce possesses, the magical ability to pair analytics with online relationships and behaviors. She has worked for over five years as a marketing sales consultant and content curator in the fashion, travel and arts industries. All of this allows her to better understand and create educationally entertaining content for her clients and customers.

Daren (01:15):

Video content. We all are told to do it, but we need it to be better. Here’s how to polish it up and what you’ll learn in this episode. One, why it’s not connecting with them. Two, how to put stuff out that you actually find interesting. Three, using B-roll footage, music, and videos, and much more. Let’s get into the chat with Joyce and me. Your content isn’t working. In particular, your video content. How do you polish it up?

Joyce (01:42):

Well, first of all, it’s not working out because you’re not aligning your content with your audience and also, you need to put out stuff that’s really interesting for your audience to watch.

Daren (01:55):

Okay. Let me jump in and on the one, you’re not connecting with your audience and being in alignment. Think about what other people are doing and what’s working. I’m sure there’s other companies in your industry that are similar to what you’re doing and they’re putting out good content and they’re connecting. See what’s working. And not just from a top level, like, “Oh, that video about that thing, the lip sync video on Instagram about…” See the core of it. When they tell a story or when they document, then try to incorporate your style and your brand and what message you’re trying to put out there.

Daren (02:28):

And then as you were saying, number two, put out stuff that you find is interesting. Only put out stuff that you actually think is cool. “Yo, this is actually really, really cool. I would actually do this.” Or like, “Hey, guys, check this out. I’m really interested in this thing.” And you’re going to find that minimum, there’s going to be five or 10 more people out there that like that, possibly thousands, possibly millions.

Daren (02:48):

Those are the two areas where if you just want to see actionable results from quick actionable tasks, that’s your best return on investment? What tools do you think that people can use? What tools are out there that people can use in particular for video content?

Joyce (03:02):

Yeah. One of the tools that you can use to make your videos more engaging is to use B roll footage. And with that, you can find them and source them for free on websites like Pexels or on Adobe Stock. They actually have free sources there too. And you also have Unsplash. You can use those too to make your videos just a tad more interesting and to have a company in videos that match what you’re trying to say.

Daren (03:29):

One big lesson learned that we got in our notes here would be to keep it short, succinct, engaging, and add some music to it. Remember, social media is if you’re big into marketing, it’s the top of the funnel. It’s just, it’s the display outside of the store, metaphorically speaking. You’re just trying to get people into your account, onto your website. Whatever it is, whatever your objective is, social media is the top, top, top of it. And you need to get in with something fast and flashy and quick.

Joyce (04:02):

That’s true.

Daren (04:03):

Like a commercial like an advertisement like, “Whoa, what’s that?” The shorter, the better, but just because it’s short doesn’t mean it’s easy. A 15, 30, second commercial on TV takes a lot of work. And it’s much easier to do a 20 minute story or just talking and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, similar to what we’re doing right now, than it is to make something where you just hit the points in 30 seconds. And it’s like, “Wow, I want to know more.”

Joyce (04:28):

If I were to say anything else, I mean, to have music on your video, as you said, it’s really important to have. But personally, when I scroll through, the music is just enough for me to stop. And I think if you pick the right music and the right bops, that would be enough to be honest. Pick your music well.

Daren (04:47):

Music is important.

Joyce (04:48):

Music is important.

Daren (04:49):

From Metigy, you’ve listened to This Week in Marketing. Again, I’m Daren and Metigy hopes we helped you find more insights and tips into your business. To find out more about Metigy and get a listener exclusive three month free trial, visit us at metigy.com/podcast. And while you’re there, go and check out some more episodes. If you like, what you heard, please share a link to another business owner or marketer who you think could get something from this.

Daren (05:13):

Also, to help us out, it would be great if you left a five star review on your favorite podcast app. Last, never miss another episode by following or subscribing to us on your favorite podcast player. See you on the next episode.

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