How your brand can master creative visual content in 2022

22nd February 2022

As a small business owner or marketer, maybe you’ve never thought about how to make an engaging video or how to make explainer videos. But you certainly would have thought about reaching more people and converting them into customers. The key to that is compelling creative visual content. 

In case you’re wondering ‘how do I create video content?’, the most effective way is by outsourcing design creation. With the right graphic design and video creator, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate great visual content into your communication and make it more compelling. 

But why would you need visual content? Because it can elevate your brand communication across touchpoints, whether it be a blog post, a landing page or case studies.

With the right video creation service, you’ll be adding both depth and width to your customer outreach and engagement. Here are eight ways in which you can master creative types of visual content in 2022.

Eye-catching visual content generated by Metigy’s Creative Services

8 ways to master creative visual content in 2022

1. Brand identity

To stand out in the marketplace, you need to have a distinct brand identity. This would include a unique logo, graphic design elements, color schemes, and other visual mnemonics that customers can easily associate with your business. 

You can outsource design to specialists and either create a new brand identity or refresh your existing imagery. This will make your brand seem new, different, and importantly, memorable. The identity can then be used across all your communication channels for greater consistency.

2. Infographics

Instead of trying to persuade your audiences through long-form text, infographics are an effective way. You can use infographics to showcase your growth, the difference your product or service makes, or trends in your industry. 

With the right visual elements, infographics become helpful. Your readers can easily digest the information, save it, or share it with their friends or colleagues. That gives your business greater reach and credibility. 

3. Branded quotes and memes

Social media thrives on branded quotes and memes and that’s why successful brands use them consistently. Anyone who has ever used a messaging platform like WhatsApp would also know the power of these branded visual content. They’re an excellent way to engage with your audience and build a long-term connection. 

Designers would use relevant text, impactful images, and your logo to create quotes and memes. By following the same visual language with changes in copy, you can create a new form of content to easily reach your followers on social media. 

4. Advertising templates

Whether you use newspapers or digital platforms, you’ll have to advertise your brand to your audiences. Even if you don’t go for paid ads, your brand will need visual assets for its social media engagement. The way to do that effectively is by using creative visual content. 

When you outsource graphic design, experienced professionals would create a template for your advertising. This would bring all your brand communication under one design language, making it easy for people to remember you.

5. Social media posts

By now, you should know that social media posts with visuals or video outperform those with only text. Most small businesses or marketers try to address this by using stock photos on their social media posts and in their digital marketing. The result is a disjointed piece of communication that doesn’t excite followers. 

Graphic designers would create social media posts with images that are intrinsically linked to the theme of the post. You would be able to place your text and logo on the image to aid greater recall. 

6. Newsletters

Email marketing has proven to be a highly successful tactic to reach, acquire, and retain users. While you may have the right content to persuade the recipient, text alone will come across as boring and monotonous. 

With visual elements, your emails will be lively, interesting, and more effective. You can add your branded images, infographics, call to action, etc. in your email newsletter to bring it closer to your brand identity. 

7. Presentations

You would need presentations to share with potential investors, business associates, new hires, and the media. Why make the same old presentation when you can have one with creative visual elements? All you need for that is to outsource it to a graphic design agency. 

Now your presentations will be able to tell a story through images, videos, and graphics. The same content will get greater engagement when it’s visually laid out. 

8. Videos

Among all forms of content, video is the undoubted winner. A video can elevate a blog or social media post and lead to greater engagement for your marketing campaigns.

Social media platforms also love videos and show those posts more frequently than others. Video also helps with SEO and can give a boost to page layout on your website.

Websites with videos rank higher when compared to text based content and images. 

Among types of content, video is by far the biggest differentiator in small business marketing. Whether it’s brand videos or explainer videos, now you can outsource video content creation to a reputed video production company. This allows you to get on-demand video content easily and quickly. It might be tempting to try and source videos for free, however professional videos will perform better for your content marketing strategies.

Why you should use Metigy as your in-house video maker

If you have an idea, you can easily bring it to life using Metigy’s Creative Services. By outsourcing visual content creation to experts, you can focus on your core tasks. With Metigy, you’ll be getting the services of experienced graphic designers and video producers who come with domain expertise across categories. 

Professional graphic design and video production can significantly elevate your brand communication, make your business seem bigger and credible, and make it easy to acquire and retain customers. For small businesses without adequate marketing support, this is the easiest way to incorporate top-notch visual content into their brand communication. 

What’s more, now you can get 40 % off on our graphic design services. With just $37 per design, you can add a compelling new dimension to your content across all media. But hurry, the offer is limited to the first 100 who sign up.

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