How Yegal increased engagement by over 400% using offline and online marketing

19th May 2020

The Metigy Community Team are very excited to announce the next winner of our Forward-Thinking Marketer Award which goes to Michael and Iris from Yegal.

About Yegal

Yegal is Australia’s first managed marketplace for paralegals. Think legal labour-hire driven by technology to address all of the traditional problems of screening, complex pay structures and lack of flexibility in hours worked.

The Problem

Lawyers are Yegal’s key customer segment, but they are hard to reach. The pure online acquisition approach has proven difficult, costly and time-consuming for the Yegal team.

The Solution

The Yegal team decided they needed to go and hang out where their target customer was hanging out. They realised that the best place to go was the biggest courthouses in Sydney. So with that in mind, they chose 3 to visit.

First, they formulated a multi-channel campaign that included a blend of online and offline marketing. This was a smart move as traditionally, this industry still functions predominately offline.

To get started, Yegal wanted to use a piece of marketing collateral they knew their target audience would find very useful. That was the trusty sticky note pad which was branded Yegal for lead generation.

The Yegal Post-it notes used in the campaign


Armed with The Yegal post-it notes, the team distributed them to law professionals at their 3 chosen Courthouses. The campaign proved very effective and generated a high number of leads. You can check out the Yegal team in action in the video below:

The custom sticky-note pad contained a call-to-action prompting recipients to visit a landing page that was built specifically for the campaign.
Once on this page, prospects were presented with a discount code that granted access to 5 free Paralegal hours.


Offline marketing is often overlooked in 2020, but if it’s combined contextually with a relevant digital marketing piece, the campaign can produce a high-converting campaign. Yegal saw this firsthand, building their pipeline of potential customers straight from the courthouse source.

Are you the next Forward-Thinking Marketer Award winner?

Apply to the forward-thinking Marketer Award by submitting your marketing campaign below. The Award is open to all Metigy users. We can’t wait to share your creativity with the Metigy community.

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