How to use Instagram for customer research

10th May 2022

Like other social media or marketing strategies, it is essential to identify your Instagram target audience first when developing an Instagram strategy. 

Visualizing the kind of content your followers would like to see and a voice they can connect with is a great start, and nailing this part will make writing relatable captions a lot easier down the track. 

Figuring out a time to post is also incredibly important. A common mistake is to think about when you like to be online (because this is your audience, your people, right?) or how frequently or evenly you want your posts scheduled. This bit, however, really isn’t about you. 

Good news: We’ve put together four easy steps to help you get the audience insights you need that will pave the road to success on Instagram. Here’s how to find out all about your target audience (interests, behavior, preferences, like when they’re online and most active) on Instagram using Instagram for your customer research.

1. Check out your Instagram demographics

Start your customer research in your Instagram insights. These insights can be super handy for understanding your target audience. 

> Go to ‘Insights’ on the Instagram app and click ‘Followers’. 

 Here you will find the three most fundamental statistics on your followers:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender

Note: You need to know these things when you want to run Instagram ads. This data can effectively get your content in front of your target audience.  

2. Stalk your followers

Nothing creepy here! This online customer research tip is about understanding your listener to communicate effectively. 

> Scroll down your list of followers. 

You can also go onto your Instagram and check out the profiles of the people who liked or commented on your latest posts. Get a feel for what they’re posting, the hashtags they use, and the captions they write. 

What kind of voice and language do they use? 

Do they use a lot of emojis? If so, consider adding them to your captions to make them more relatable. 

Spend some time with your audience, be a sleuth. You may even find links between your followers and why they started following you.

3. Send your followers a DM

A short and sweet DM never hurt anyone. 

There is nothing wrong with sending a DM to a new follower to ask why they have decided to follow you. You may even consider asking them what they would like to see on your account. 

If you notice someone is liking your content or commenting regularly, slide into their DM’s! A simple message is enough to get them engaged.  

“Hey there! We noticed you’ve been following us for a while now. Thank you so much for all the love on our posts! 

If you don’t mind me asking, what would you like to see more of on our page? We are trying to deliver the best content possible. 

Your feedback is very appreciated. Thanks! (name)”

4. Ask directly in your feed

There is power in simply asking a question, and if you are talking to your perfect target audience, they will be delighted to answer. 

Even Kim Kardashian asks for feedback from her audience. 

If you want an answer, never be afraid to ask. It’s also a great way to drive up your engagement. 

The bottom line

Knowing exactly who you want your content to be in front of and who is actually seeing it will make a massive difference to your online success and, ultimately, your business. 

Get cracking with these tips above to conduct some intelligent customer research.

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