How To Use Instagram and Other Tactics To Grow Your Podcast

15th February 2021

Have you ever wondered how to use Instagram to grow your podcast? New podcasters and pros all know that growing a podcast specific audience and getting more listeners has its challenges. From finding the right listeners, picking a topic that isn’t too broad or niche, it’s all a lot of work. It can also be expensive, attempting to reach and convert those listeners to your podcast. The money could better spend that money on your actual product or service, rather than the podcast.

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In this article, we’ll look at how to use Instagram Reels and 3 other cost-effective tactics to grow your podcast.  By the end of this, you should implement at least one tactic to show an ROI when you hit publish on your next episode.

The next sections will help you get more listeners and grow your existing podcast.

  1. interact with as many people as possible
  2. use social media for promotions
  3. make it easy for your guests to promote the episode
  4. work with other podcasts

Read on to find the details of how to use Instagram & 3 other cheap tactics to grow your podcast.

Interact with as many interested people (In real life and online)

Time: 1-2 Hours

This is a no brainer, but not everyone is an extrovert. And even if you are an extrovert, you might not have the confidence to push your latest podcast episode continually.

That’s okay because your podcast shouldn’t be for everyone. It usually is for leads and potential customers. Your podcast is for whoever you’ve set your target audience. If someone falls into that category, make sure you get their email or LinkedIn and put them in a database of sorts.

This will allow you to craft up a particular message to them on why an episode (or your whole podcast) could help them with their problems.



  • Requires micro engagements and interactions
  • Engagement will be of varying lengths each day and week
  • You will develop a system in a short time that can help you batch and scale a lot of things

Use Instagram Reels (or Tik Tok) for your promotional Audiograms

Time: 10-15mins

Instagram Reels is the main competitor to the super-fast growing Tik-Tok. The demographic is 25-34 and most business people. Tik Tok is 16-24 and usually non-business-oriented people.

IG Reels is new, and the organic reach is similar to Myspace/Facebook reach from the late 2000s. It’s a great way of reaching your existing audience while finding new followers and an audience.

IG Reels and Tik Tok are made to be entertaining. Make sure to bring the most informative/fun/amusing/interesting things from your podcast to your potential audience.


Find the most exciting and engaging 15-30 sec spot for one or two audiograms you’ve created.

daren in home studio

Daren In His Home Studio Podcast Setup

Make it super easy for your guests to promote the episode

Time: 15 mins

Your guests are free promoters and marketers (unless you paid them). They want to tell their audience they were on a podcast that made them sound like an expert. Why not make it as easy as possible for them?

Make sure you have a link to your most important assets.

Things like;

  • Episode Artwork

    Our podcast artwork for the Forward Thinking Podcast

  • 30-60 sec Audiogram Video (1:1 format) 
  • Website Link (For direct listening)
  • Social Media copy (changing out pro-nouns and possessive’s so it is speaking in the first person about the guest talking to their audience)
  • Apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Amazon and Stitcher links (They will most likely use one)
  • A transcript of the episode
  • Easily sharable social media artwork (check out our Metigy example below)


  • Reword Social Media Copy – 15mins
  • Note – All of the work for the marketing assets completed in your marketing and promotional phase

Trailer Swaps

Time: 1 Hour

If you have a podcast, you should have a podcast trailer. The trailer is a 1-2 minute episode that sums up your series. Like a movie trailer, the goal is to give enough information to listen more, but not give away too much.

If you’ve taken the time to make one why not swap with another podcaster with similar listeners to yours. You can give them a top and tail on yours that talks directly to the podcast and why they should listen. Then at the end, provide a CTA with a unique link.


  • Create the trailer (Done before you release your first episode)- 0 min
  • Record top & tail to the episode so that other podcasts can insert then on their episode – 15 min
  • Before you record sending back and forth emails with other podcasters – 15 min
  • Inserting other podcast host trailer onto the end of your next episodes 15 min

You are now ready to grow your podcast

Interact with as many people as possible, use social media for promotions, make it easy for your guests to promote the episode and work with other podcasts. This is a proven formula that I have seen work time and time again for multiple podcasts. Which tactic are you going to try first for your podcast? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

And if you are after some podcast inspiration, check out our award-winning marketing podcast: Forward Thinking.

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