How to measure your social media success in 2022 with 4 key metrics

17th May 2022


Social media is hands down the best investment for a brand’s success in 2022, and why understanding how to use and measure its success is critical for business growth.

We get it. Constructing a social media plan can be daunting, especially if it is not your field of expertise. You need to understand your social media platforms’ features, rules, and formats. Then, you need to figure out the type of content to post, the best time to post it, how often, and what about those hashtags and emojis?

Learning social media marketing on the job can feel like precious time is being taken away from core business activities, especially for small business owners. It’s why we created Metigy Learning with hacks and strategies for business growth so SMEs could get even more out of their Metigy AI platform. 

Metigy Learning is a learning hub with how-to videos, in-depth podcasts, and info articles like this one on social metrics.

So, what are social metrics, and why is it essential to track them?

Every social media platform provides you with a set of data. The data provided are called social metrics, and they show you how users interact and find your posts and account. 

In addition, this data shows you how effective your social media strategy is. By tracking this data, you can monitor the progress of your social media strategy. You can also gain insights on how to improve your social media strategy.

The 4 key metrics to best measure your social media success in 2022 

Here are four metrics that will immediately improve your online sales and marketing strategy.  

  1. Engagement metrics
  2. Follower growth 
  3. Sales
  4. Your best (and your worst) performing content

Engagement metrics

What are engagement metrics on social media? 

Engagements tell you how users interact with your content and how often they interact with your account. Every platform has engagement metrics. For instance, Instagram has shares, likes, reposts, and saves, while Twitter has retweets, likes, and replies. 

A high engagement rate indicates your users are responding well to the type of content you are pushing out. Conversely, if you have a low engagement rate, it is an indication you need to create more compelling content.

Need to create more compelling content? Try something different. Experiment with visuals and storytelling, and mix your content formats with reels and videos. Track your engagement metrics as you test and play, monitor the likes, shares, retweets, comments, mentions, and saves.

Follower growth 

Tracking your follower growth isn’t solely about how many followers you have. It is also about measuring your audience growth rate, as in the speed at which you are gaining new followers. 

Tracking follower growth lets you know if you are reaching new users. It indicates if your content is entertaining and compelling enough to convert users who come across your content into followers. 

Follower growth will also reveal if your content is captivating enough to retain your current follower base. If you have low follower growth, we recommend running paid ads to increase your reach and improve the content you push out. Here are some tips for this.

Sales from social media 

As a business, the goal of having a social media account is to showcase your products and services to increase sales. Therefore, tracking this metric is vital for determining if your social media strategy is working. 

Generating sales from your social media channels shows you have gained the trust of your followers and that your content is compelling enough to convert them from followers to customers. 

If you aren’t generating sales from your social media channels, we recommend pushing out more content to build trust between your brand and your followers.

Best performing content

It is vital to track all of your content to determine what works for your audience. What makes it a hit amongst your followers?

  • Is it the content format type? 
  • Is it the visuals? 
  • Is it your storytelling style? 

Do your users respond more to promotional, informational, or fun engagement-centered content? When you know this, you can replicate it in future posts.

Measuring your social media success: In summary

Social media platforms have a lot of valuable data about how your audience interacts with your account. Make a start with these four metrics for direct results to your digital marketing strategy.

And really, don’t worry if social media is not your field of expertise. 

It’s ours, and we have your back. Drop us a line if you have a question.

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