How to improve your declining social media engagement

13th May 2021

Organic reach is naturally declining, both on Facebook and Instagram – and that means your social media engagement could be suffering too. With brands vying for users attention, not conducting the right strategy or paying enough attention to your accounts could seriously affect your engagement rates. 

Unfortunately, engagement rates are important. These days, you can’t produce content and hope that people will like it. Higher engagement rates demonstrate that people are interacting with your content, whether that’s via likes, shares or comments. And the more people that interact with your content, the more likely it is that your brand awareness, conversions, and raving fans are improving.

So, how can you improve your engagement on social media without throwing in the towel?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the varying ways you can enhance engagement rates like a social media pro. 

How to fix declining social media engagement rates

Are you connecting with your audience?

Before you start thinking about your content, you need to know who your audience is. Ideally, your social media audience should be similar to your ideal buyer – this makes it much easier to increase conversions and promote your brand. You can check your social media analytics to understand your audience demographics, including age and gender. 

Once you know who your audience is, it’s much easier to connect with them. You can research a list of hashtags that your ideal audience may use, build relationships with influencers who they engage with, and develop a content plan for your accounts.

Users are searching for a varied experience so use the right content on each platform. Over 500 million accounts use Instagram and Facebook stories every day, meaning it’s a popular trend to hop on board with. For Twitter, tweets with image links tend to gain 200% more engagement than those without.

Take a leaf out of Slack’s book and respond to customer queries via social media:

Slack maintains social media engagement by replying to tweets. 

Make use of video content to drive social media engagement

81% of businesses now use video marketing. If that statistic alone isn’t enough to convince you to jump on the video train, social media posts with video content receives 48% more views. 

So, what type of video content can you create? Video doesn’t have to be boring. You can create a plethora of content from just one idea or by repurposing a blog post. 

Video content ideas can include;

  • Product tutorials
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Live content
  • Training webinar
  • Exclusive interviews with people in your industry
  • Product or service introduction
  • Testimonials
  • Employee/team introduction
  • Case studies
  • Company announcements
  • Event recordings
  • Workshops

This Instagram video by Tastemade demonstrates how a tutorial can be visually appealing, and creative:

Use video in your posts to drive engagement on social channels.

Be consistent when engaging on your social channels

Posting consistently on your social media accounts helps to grow your reach and engagement. Regular posting may seem exhausting, but you can re-use your content on different accounts, and repurpose content to save time.

Try turning a blog post into a video, podcast, free content download, infographic, and much more. Analyze your analytics to see which posts are your best performing and select these ones to repurpose. If your time really is precious, try creating custom graphics or images for each blog post and then sharing them on your social accounts.

Notice how Hubspot use different types of content on their socials to promote their 2020 marketing report. Instagram showcases their data visually, while Twitter enhances curiosity to encourage users to view the report:

Data and surveys can help you engage you social audience.

Keep in mind the content you’re creating for each platform. In this case, Hubspot keeps their tweet short and sweet to try and capture their audiences attention. Longer posts tend to work better on other platforms, especially when you consider Twitter’s character limit. 

Engage with your audience in creative ways

To increase your social media engagement, you need to actively engage with your audience. Aim to create a conversation – reply to user comments, create content that’s relevant to you and your audience, as well as using interactive content to encourage engagement. 

Interactive content can include:

  • Polls
  • Gifs
  • Stickers
  • Branded hashtags
  • Templates
  • Question and answer sessions

Brands like Buzzfeed often use polls and quizzes on their Instagram Stories to encourage reader engagement:

Quizzes help social engagement too.

Run contests to engage your audience and their friends

Sponsored giveaways are an effective way to enhance your reach and engagement. Beware though, as you need to run a contest that’s on brand, and is likely going to make people stick around once the contest is over. 

Alternatively, you could collaborate with influencers to run contests. Working with an influencer in your niche can have a seriously positive impact on your brand awareness, especially as many influencers have a loyal following in your target audience. 

If you’re running a giveaway, keep it simple to enter and include one of your products or services are part of the prize like Passion Planner did in this contest:

Contests are a great way to boost likes, comments and shares.

Use brand storytelling to create an emotional connection

If you want to form a deeper connection with your audience, then brand storytelling is the way to go. Brand storytelling is a way of sharing your business values and vision, the story behind your brand, who you are, and what your goals are. Take a look at our article on brand storytelling here. 

By using brand storytelling on social media, you can make your audience feel involved in your business, as well as helping your brand to become more memorable and stand out from your competitors.

Emotional connections can help your declining engagement online.

Detergent brand Tide use brand storytelling to showcase their community work – a free laundry campaign for those in need. This connects with social users on an emotional level, and informs their target audience of their charity initiatives:

Social media engagement requires effort

Increasing your engagement on social media can take time, but putting in the effort will reap the rewards. Remember to stay consistent, use a multitude of content, and actively engage with your audience. 

Building a content plan for your social media accounts is an effective way to keep focused. You can easily reuse and repurpose content to save time and money – after all, you don’t need to have a multi-million dollar marketing budget to be successful on social media!

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