How to come up with new Instagram ideas when you’ve hit the wall

11th March 2021

You’ve been posting every day for the last month, but your Instagram account isn’t growing as quickly as you hoped. Now, you’re running out of ideas.

You’ve tried posting photos, videos, using Stories, Reels…but what comes next?

At a certain point in your Instagram account growth, you’ll hit a wall. It’s only natural. You don’t have hours to spend every day sitting on your phone posting pictures. And it’s likely that you need a new source of content inspiration.

That’s why we’ve put this guide together.

Here are five ideas to help you keep your posts fresh even when you’ve hit the metaphorical wall.

How to generate Instagram ideas when you’re out of inspiration

1. Ask your followers what they care about

Your followers are there for a reason. They want to see content from you — if not, they wouldn’t stick around.

One of the best ways to find new content ideas is to ask them what they want to see.

If you already have ideas but aren’t sure which to focus on, you can run a poll. Polls let your audience choose from one of two answers.

Here’s what they look like in practice:

Use polls to create new Instagram ideas and content.

Alternatively, you can ask open-ended questions using the question sticker

Ask your followers: “What type of content do you want to see from us?”

Many will be happy to reply with their own ideas. An added benefit is that asking a question is, in itself, engaging content, so you’re already halfway there.

We’re always told that we need to have a carefully planned content calendar, stick to best practices, and stick to a strategy we planned months ago. But sometimes, the best inspiration will come from outside sources and there’s no downside to being open to ideas and feedback from your audience.

2. Crowdsource new ideas for Instagram content with user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) helps build trust and is a simple, effective way to generate new content ideas. 

Ask your audience to use specific hashtags, or add your business as a location in their posts. Then, ask the creator if you can re-post the image or video to your own timeline, giving them credit.

For example, Pantone regularly re-post content their followers published that feature a Pantone product: 

This Instagram example shows Pantone using users content to generate new ideas.

The team behind the brand doesn’t need to spend time creating original content, and there’s a benefit of giving a spotlight to one of your fans.

It’s a win-win scenario.

3. Build trust by sharing behind-the-scenes content

You don’t always need to create polished content that looks like it should be in a magazine.

Sometimes, your followers want to see the real people behind the brand.

For example, if you manage the Instagram account for a restaurant, you can post pictures of your team, video snippets of how you handle the day-to-day running of the restaurant, and similar content that reflects the team behind your brand.

It’ll be a refreshing change from posts showing your menu, high-quality food photos, and ingredients, consider showing behind-the-scenes pictures of your team at work.

This behind-the-scenes content doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be honest. If you get it right, it’s a simple way to create content that builds trust with your followers.

4. Run giveaways to generate engagement on Instagram

Giveaways are an incredible way to grow your Instagram following and boost engagement.

For example, the cosmetics brand Supernatural uses Instagram to run giveaways that generate great engagement:

Giveaways like this one can boost your Instagram content.

In the giveaway example here, Supernatural received 200+ likes in a single day.

Giveaways also have the added benefit of generating fear-of-missing-out. Your audience will stick around because they want the chance to win your next giveaway. In turn, they’ll be happy to follow and engage with your content.

5. Interview your customers and share authentic stores

Interviewing your customers and followers is a simple way to create content without reinventing the wheel.

As long as the interviews you publish relate to the general topics your account revolves around, your followers will be interested in reading them.

For example, Super Coffee regularly interviews customers that match their ideal customer profile.

In the example below, they interview a health coach and fitness blogger who loves their product:

This example on social media shows interviewing being used for fresh content.

It’s a perfect way to mix up your content and ensure not every post is designed simply to sell your product, but to build a relationship with your followers.

Bonus tip: Take time to create your new Instagram ideas 

Creating and maintaining a high-quality Instagram presence is hard work. 

To ensure you always have new content ideas ready to publish, consider what your followers care about most. Your content should reflect what they want to see from you — not just what sells the most products for you.

These tactics will help you generate new Instagram ideas, even when you feel like you’re out of good social media content.

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