How to choose on-brand music for your social media

26th July 2022

Are you thinking about using music in your social media content? Great, here’s a simple guide for selecting a catchy tune that works for your brand. 

Audio matters

We all know what it is like to have a song on our mind all day. Music is memorable and almost always intentionally made that way. Music can trigger emotions and memories that connect people to their own identity.  

Shrewd marketers and major brands have long understood the power of music for brand recognition and buyer influence. This simple jingle has played a significant part in the marketing success of an Australian household hardware chain. It has been an earworm for Aussie consumers for over 25 years. 

While you might not be looking to invest in the next earworm, you still need to be strategic when adding audio to your reels and videos. Engagement is the pursuit of any social posting. You know the deal – if someone is engaged, they are more likely to click, check out your account, follow you, leave comments, and… purchase your products! 

Copyright and procedures

Even though it is common knowledge most songs are protected by copyright, people using music without permission is also common. So please ensure you’re not infringing the artist’s copyright before you go with a song or a sample. It’s easy enough to do. 

A quick Google search will bring up many sites offering checks for music copyright. Some social media platforms also provide help. For example, YouTube recently launched a tool to check a video for potential copyright claims.

Instagram and TikTok have built-in music libraries – which we think is the easiest and fastest way to select songs. There are plenty of music options available, and both platforms allow you to use your own music. 

Putting audio and video together is simple on both Instagram and TikTok. Upload your video and choose the sound option. This will take you to the platform’s catalog of copyright-free music. Then it is simply a case of a few clicks to post your video. 

Which song suits my brand?

Finding music to suit your brand may be the trickiest part of the process. If you plan to post reels and videos regularly, choosing more than one song and making a playlist you can refer to later is a good idea. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started finding your perfect track:

Movie soundtracks

Countless movie soundtracks feature memorable original music or songs by popular artists. They create an instant connection and set a mood for the customer relationship you are building. Recognizable music like this helps potential clients relate to you/your brand as a person. This will really fast-track their connection to your business. 

Your company soundtrack

What music plays in your office or your store? What grooves were you listening to when you were mapping out your grand business plan? If it inspired you to connect with your brand, it might inspire your target audience to do the same. Check Instagram’s and Tiktok’s catalogs to make a company soundtrack. 

Trending music

It’s worth checking out reels and videos. Instagram automatically highlights music that is popular right now. And if you really want to stand out, put your own spin on a trending piece of music. 

If you are publishing video content that’s not quite right or your video engagement is low, this episode of This Week In Marketing might help. 

Want to integrate music into all of your videos with ease?

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