Case Study: How Metigy helped an independent author climb into the Top 100 Amazon sales charts

20th October 2021

David Musser is a US-based independent author based in North Carolina, USA. He decided to take the plunge into writing horror fiction novellas while juggling a career in website accessibility. 

Crafting his debut supernatural thriller, Keep in the Light was the distraction he needed from the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, but it was a steep learning curve; from typing the first few words through to independent publication across platforms like Audible, Kindle and Print-on-Demand. 

David learned fast. Publishing his first novella, just shy of 40,000 words, was a process that involved editing, re-writes and platform management to make it available across Amazon. 

Horror fiction is a tough market to crack. Independent authors don’t have the publicity and marketing machines of a publisher behind them. David found himself also responsible for the promotion of his books.

“When my first book was released, I quickly realised I needed to market it. No one really mentioned that to me at the start, but as an independent author there’s no one to do it for you. I’m not a marketer. I had no experience in marketing. So I turned to social media, but had no idea how much time the marketing would take up. It’s constant and a lot of the things didn’t work,” he admits.

David turned to technology to help lighten some of the load. He tried a number of different marketing solutions, publishing platforms, blogs and promotion angles such as podcast appearances. 

Using Metigy as a marketing solution  

Metigy proved to be a great fit for his needs, allowing him to focus his efforts to free up time for his writing. 

“I needed to find a platform where I could plan a lot of my social media efforts, and then focus on my writing. I tried a number of different platforms and then stumbled on Metigy. The interface was so easy to use. Much easier than the competitors – it was just simple and straightforward.”

“I love that I can post to multiple platforms. Everything I need is in Metigy, so it saves me having to manually juggle the different platforms. I can schedule a whole month of posts for Facebook, Twitter and others. And they automatically go live,” David shares. 

With more time to focus his marketing, David decided to drill down on his marketing efforts. He strategized a promotional campaign that would take advantage of the Amazon 48-hour free offers, using Metigy to promote the offer across multiple platforms. 

The scheduled promotion paid off, skyrocketing his book Keep in the Light into the top 100, number 34 in Amazon’s Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads. His rankings also climbed in other categories.

“My book was previously ranked at 22,000 on the Amazon Paranormal Suspense list and the campaign I ran through Metigy took it to #166. My book didn’t even rank on the Kindle Free list before the campaign, which means it was well below one million. After the campaign it ranked #7,389 on the Kindle Free list. I was thrilled!” David explains. 

Buoyed by the success of the campaign, David has taken learning and is ready to apply it to another for his latest book, Whispers of Gray. And he’s not done there. The time saved using Metigy has allowed David to complete another five books, which are currently being edited for publication. 

THree of David Musser's published books from his series "Keep in the Light"
A few of David Musser’s published books

David’s main takeaway

Using Metigy to plan and schedule your content frees up time so you can focus on growing your business and develop more creative marketing campaigns. 

Listen to Davids book series here:

  • David Musser’s Keep In the Light website including one of his new releases

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