How Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries

How Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries
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How can you solve complex problems for your customers? If you like stories that combine space, business marketing and the future then this is for you! Our audio content manager, Daren Lake decided to create audio candy for your ears. This episode is meant to be consumed with headphones on and will take you on a journey spanning from 200,000 years ago to the present. All in the hopes of having you better understand Metigy, SMEs, marketing and the potential for your own business’ future.

In this episode you will learn;

In this episode you will learn;

  • What exactly an SME is
  • Metigy’s technology explained in a simple analogy
  • How to solve problems for your customers
  • The world history of problems and solutions (that all relate back to business and marketing)
  • Stopping the SME superman syndrome
  • Artificial intelligence explained through Instagram
  • Product Market Fit
  • Predictions on marketing, artificial intelligence and SMEs
  • And More



Daren Lake on AI and on product market fit (PMF)
  • “Artificial intelligence while scary isn’t as much about a Terminator future but more about a future that we are already living.”
  • “The maps app or chess game that you use on your smart phone is specific artificial intelligence. The Facebook and Instagram algorithims that you use right now are all based on machine learning from human inputs to then execute different outcomes.”
  • “Finding PMF is when you made something that people want. Your customers, clients or users just want to  tell other people to use your product (without any incentive).”
David Fairfull on Metigy App tech stack-
  • “How many different technologies do we use to help us do the marketing function? We don’t have them connected, right? The proposition is the need to finally have one true source of all data and could make a great decision.”
  • “Technology is not being there to harness the value of that data. It (currently) comes back to humans interpreting that. AI is a fantastic application in this environment to process that data once it’s all connected and distill it down to the thing you should do today.”
Johnson Lin’s angle on failing to get to PMF faster-
  • “The approach you will want to be taking is earlier validation and fail faster. We can go to the next iteration if the previous one is not working.” 
  • Daren’s take: “Fail Fast. Don’t run and work harder. Fail faster and learn in the early stages”
Brendan Hill on superhero syndrome-
  • “I wanted to do the accounting, the marketing, the customer support… But there’s only 24 hours in a day. Unless you’re Elon Musk- he seems to find a lot more hours in the day somehow. For average, normal, small business owners, time pressure is a real thing.”
Thiago Zandonai on what Metigy does- 
  • Connect your social channels in Metigy and we start giving you insights and recommendations to grow your business. You just connect them and boom, you’re done.

Transcript below 


Daren: What do Elon Musk, David Fairfull and the team at Metigy have in common? Well, you’re about to find out.  Brendan: [00:00:13] I definitely hopped on the rocket ship in late 2018.  You know, talking to David and Johnson, the two founders, they just had a really massive vision.  Johnson: [00:00:23] The way I see AI impact SMEs in digital marketing is to help them impact the bottom line or improve the performance. One is automation and the other one is just building a smarter app.  David: [00:00:37] Talking about Elon Musk. I think, as an entrepreneur, you realize or appreciate that just doing one thing well is hard enough and how he does five or six globally changing businesses at one time. Yeah. It’s interstellar, right? Not even global. You know, interstellar changing businesses is beyond me. So you have to admire that and he’s clearly figured out how to leverage his capability.  Daren: [00:01:03] Hello, I’m Daren Lake. Audio content manager at Metigy and your host of this new forward-thinking podcast series, how Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries. We tell inspirational stories about brands, business owners, and marketing experts. Our present goal is to learn from their past experience and uncover what it takes to build a world-class business. Moving into the future from Wikipedia:  A small business is generally 1 to 19 employees, a medium business is 20 to 199 employees and a large business is 200 or more employees.  Ironically, the small to medium business industry is far from small. It’s quite large with almost 200 million SMEs globally. You can expect they range across many industries, more on SMEs and their importance shortly. So what is Metigy? Metigy is a new and innovative digital marketing platform and a fellow small to medium business. We help SMEs create high quality content and a strategy that gets engagement, conversions, and grows audiences. This is done with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Metigy’s technology analyzes how your content is working with the current publishing and marketing strategies. That might be a lot to digest. So I’ll explain it to you like your five and give a quick and easy example.  Imagine using a social media app like Instagram, right. And doing all things one would do on Instagram: posting content, sorting your hashtags, et cetera. We’ll call the doing of these things, data and input. After using the social media app for a short period of time, Metigy gives you advice on what exact things you should do next and what your results might be. Think of it like a digital crystal ball. Advice like you should invest $10 on Google ads to actually make $25 in sales. Or you should look to use a particularly high-performing video or photo from last month in your next campaign moving forward because your audience engaged positively with it. Now, marketing is not an enigma like space in the future. It’s an investment. It is insight and recommendation with the learning component, building your confidence as a marketer, you get to understand why future action is going to perform well. That is at least our understanding of how to solve our customer’s problems. Your business and customers may differ as every business will have their own set of complications. Throughout time, innovative people and companies have come up with solutions for the world. Those ideas at some point needed a vehicle to reach an audience, to make an impact that vehicle is marketing. This is where magic comes in. Managing helps small companies spread great information that people need. From what we know this hasn’t been done before with humility, you could say it’s the marketing innovative equivalent to Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX’s ambitious goal help the world via techniques. Fun fact, Metigy’s name is a mashup of two words, Metis and strategy. Metis in Greek mythology is the goddess of wisdom and deep thought strategy because based on the information Metigy receives on your marketing actions, we then provide you with suggestions and insights on how to market moving forward. Also Metis is the name of one of Jupiter’s many moons and outer space is actually where we will go in this story. We also feel Metigy is in a unique and Meta place to tell a story. Unique because we are a small business just as recent as a few months ago. And now through a $20 million round of funding or growing to become a medium-sized business Meta because we understand the pains of marketing since we ourselves are trying to figure out how to market, to SMEs that need marketing help. See the irony? Daren [00:04:32] In this story, we’ll start in the present with what we know. Our customers and their problems. We’ll travel back to the past to find out how we got here, then travel forwards to a hypothetical future, or at least ask ourselves questions about what the future will look like. The goal at the end of this episode and series is to make sure you have a deeper understanding of how to help your own customers, how Metigy works and what we want to do moving forward. Daren [00:04:58] In business, a question that seems to come up a lot is how can you solve complex problems for your customers? Digging into that question, yields, infinitely more questions.
  • Like what exactly are the complex problems?
  • Do we know exactly who’s having these problems?
  • Where are the people that are having these.
And extrapolating that even further from a marketing lens can confuse and complicate things;
  • How much should you spend as a small business on marketing?
  • Who should I be marketing to?
  • What is the best platform or app to use to do your marketing?
  • Can you view marketing as an investment instead of a variant cost?
Daren [00:05:30] Okay. I know that was a lot. So to answer those questions, we need to go back in time, like way back. Like one to two million years ago. As human civilization evolved, we created more and more complex problems. Fortunately, we also created solutions for most of them. Problem: back one to 2 million years ago, we were cold. Solution: use rock and wood to make fire. Daren [00:05:59] Fast-forward almost 1.99 million years to 10,000 BC. Give or take a few thousand years… and we are now in the fertile Crescent, which is present day Israel, Lebanon, and Syria area. Problem being a hunter-gatherer wasn’t the most stable way of living. Going hungry for days and the threat of lions eating you isn’t a great way to live. Solution, create early farming and agriculture for more stability and permanent settlements. This led to larger communities and civilizations that could prosper like ancient Greece, the Roman empire and the Mongol Gangas Kahn dynasty. Let’s move forward in time to the mid 17 hundreds. Problem at this point in time, most of everything humans owned and use was made by hand as any business owner knows. This is usually not scalable for proper economic and societal growth solution: Enter the industrial revolution. Daren [00:06:50] The industrial revolution, transformed economies that have been based on agriculture and handcrafts into economies based on large-scale industry, mechanized manufacturing and the factory system. New machines, new power sources, and the new ways of organizing work made existing industries more productive and efficient. Daren [00:07:13] Thrusting into the 1960s. This is more of a problem for two countries engaged in a disagreement, but it’s still a problem for the world nonetheless. This event led to many solutions that we are still reaping the benefits. In present day, that problem, the United States and the former USSR battle between freedom and tyranny, president Kennedy decided that space exploration would be the best soft power move against the Soviets. Solution: “That’s one, small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Well, on the 20th of July, 1969… [Space SFX Play] Daren [00:08:01] Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and the rest of the Apollo 11 NASA team beat the Soviets in the space race to put the first humans on the moon. The second and third order effects from this is still present today from all of the focus, research, and money spent. Space research technologies and inventions ranging from digital flight controls and current day aircraft updated food safety standards, emergency blankets, rechargeable hearing aids and earthquake proofing. [SFX Play] Daren [00:08:27] Now here’s a present day. Problem. Humans are on the brink of total destruction. As we look towards colonizing the rest of the soul system in galaxy, due to all this advancement in technology, we now have put ourselves and our planet in danger. From climate change and nuclear weapons to artificial intelligence and virus warfare [SFX – I’ll Be Back], we all have a lot of complex problems to solve. Innovator and entrepeneur Elon Musk is attempting to solve all of the latest human problems. He’ll be doing this by utilising his many different businesses from Tesla Energy, Space-X, Neuralink, The Boring Company, and Starlink. Daren [00:08:59] To solve our climate change issues –  he’ll engage Tesla energy to get us driving 100% renewable energy electric vehicles. To resolve our traffic woes – he’ll bring in the Boring Company to have those vehicles all driving underground. To answer our artificial intelligence robots wiping out humans problem – he’ll use Neuralink so we can all become tech cyborgs. And to decipher our earth potentially being destroyed mess, he will work with Space-X to create a backup plan for humans and make us a multi planetary species.  Daren [00:09:30] What do all of these complex problems have in common? Again – they all require very complex solutions. Another CEO like Elon Musk, that’s attempting to take the reigns and help the world (aka small to medium businesses) is Metigy Co Founder, David Fairfull. Here he speaks on his passion to help SME’s with technology to market better  David: [00:09:47] That’s why I’m sort of passionate about being part of empowering them to deliver their message. And then the ecosystem around that means that size and scale no longer matter, because you can reach people how, and when they want to be reached in, in a way that’s appropriate and logical. Daren: [00:10:04] Back to our global lens on things – How do we solve the problem of humans destroying themselves and what exactly does this have to do with your small to medium enterprise?  Everything!! Because like star gazing astrophysicist, Neil de grasse Tyson says about the universe – everything and everyone is connected because we are all made of stardust. Daren [00:10:25] Going back to the first people to discover and create fire. They woulda been like the Elon Musk’s of their time. Innovators and pioneers. I’d imagine back 2 million years ago that this would be a very valuable product and service for early humans. But how do you tell other people about this and get the word out? Hmmm… If only a product existed back then that allowed all your communication to reach he right person. Cue Metigy.  While we won’t compare ourselves to discovering fire – the urgency to properly market your small businesses is similar to putting a fire out. Metigy’s head of content, Brendan Hill Brendan: [00:11:01] There’s an ancient startup proverb time is oxygen for your business. So, you know, we only have limited runways. We need to produce revenue. We need to get our marketing right and get our message in front of our customers Daren: [00:11:14] Oxygen – The one thing space doesn’t have a lot of. And that fire needs. In relation to our problem/solution examples from earlier – An SME is someone from 2 million years ago that is cold and wants to get warm. David Fairfull and Metigy are now like Elon Musk, Tesla and Space-X. We’re creating fire for the cold everyday person to and help spread the word to keep them warm! The people that need a marketing fire started for them are businesses that operate mostly in the service and retail sectors of the economy. They can be accountants, cafes, bespoke consultancies, online creators and more! But a lot of them struggle with reaching the right customers or getting enough of them. Mainly because their marketing knowledge, efforts and experience isn’t at the level of their business skills.  Marketing as you know, is a skill, industry and business in itself. It’s hard enough to master your wedding photography or sneaker shop business let alone being a competent marketer.  Marketing to most SMEs is also similar to space and the future – it’s a black hole of mystery. So where are we now at Metigy with trying to solve this complex problem for our customers; SMEs? Find out after the break…  [00:12:24] Hey! If you’re liking what you hear and you have a minute, please follow *or what used to be called subscribe*, rate or review on whatever app you’re using to listen to this. We are on apple podcast, spotify, google podcasts, amazon and more! This helps us get the word out to other people so they can learn a bit more about how important marketing is for small to medium businesses. Thanks again for listening. [00:12:51] So… back to that question but let’s refine it a bit more – Where are we now with solving those complex problems for our customers? [00:10:36] Innovative people came up with solutions for the world. In return, the world listened to what these people offered. Metigy and in particular Metigy’s CEO David Fairful is looking to do the same with small businesses big problem of understanding and executing digital marketing. David on that: David: [00:13:12] Anybody that’s really doing a digital transaction is our ideal customer. That’s really, what we’re trying to do is help the non-experienced marketer, which is typically any SME marketer, understand how digital marketing works. Most importantly, become good at it, right? And it’s, it’s an area which is quite complex and difficult. Digital marketing has never been more difficult and never more critical.  We’ve got a good solid product. So it is a complex, deep tech product. So it’s probably never done.I would describe as being competent, but 1% built. Daren: [00:13:42] David’s own desire to help other small to medium business owners comes from a personal place. He himself went from running a small business of less than 19 people to a medium business at almost 60 people. *Side note – The problems don’t stop with growth. They just get exponentially more complex.* Explaining a few of those problems is Brendan Hill. Brendan: [00:14:00] There’s many problems and being a former small business owner myself, you know, I had something that I call superhero syndrome. So I wanted to do the accounting. I wanted to do the marketing. I wanted to do the customer support, but at the end of the day, there’s only 24 hours in a day. Unless you’re Elon Musk. He seems to find a lot more hours in the day somehow. So, you know, average, normal, small business owners, that time pressure. It’s a real thing.. Daren: [00:14:27] As we’ve spoken about before – tools like fire, the steam engine and the rocket equation for space travel are needed to solve problems. At Metigy we use a specific tool to help our customers with their marketing issues. That tool is…  Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.  This powerful tool helps make informed decisions and insights for small businesses and companies. As David Fairfull Says… David: [00:14:51] How many different technologies do we use to help us do the marketing function? And we don’t have them connected, right? And that is true of all SMEs. That’s true of enterprise, hell, the investment that goes into trying to get your entire marketing stack, to talk to each other, A frustrating and B hugely expensive. The proposition is the need to finally have one true source of all data and could make a great decision. Right. Why has that not happened? Because the technology is not being there to harness. The value of that data is to comes back to humans, interpreting that, right? So AI is a fantastic application and this environment to process that data, once it’s all connected. And distill it down to the thing that you should do today. There’s a lot of work to do, but the proposition is incredible to solve a problem. That’s not going to be solved any other way apart from technology. Daren: [00:15:40] Artificial intelligence while scary isn’t as much about a Terminator future but more about a future that we are already living.  [SFX] The maps app or chess game that you use on your smart phone is specific artificial intelligence. The Facebook and Instagram algorithims that you use right now are all based on machine learning from human inputs to then execute different outcomes.  *Example – how any social media timeline feed works. This is all a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and input variables. A few input variables from you are the way you engage with other accounts, what you post, and how long you stay on the app. These all determine what you see when you open up your phone on Wednesday at 1pm. Metigy’s Ai is exactly that. It needs the human to use it as a tool to be most effective. On its own, it’s nothing without the data and previous posts that you’ve done to inform it. Like all small businesses we are faced with the expansive question of ‘how we will do it?’ To talk about where we are going we first have to talk about how we go here. So… Let’s go back … to generation Z’s favourite decade – The 1990s.

How we got here 

[00:16:48] It’s the spring of 1990 in New York City USA.  The Bel Biv Devoe r&B hit song poison is blasting everyday from my mom’s car.  On the other side of the world in Sydney Australia, A younger David Fairfull, our CEO was the manging director of the Brave Group. They developed high end digital, e-commerce and communications solutions. This was very early days of the internet and David was preparing himself, back then without knowing, to solve his and Metigy’s current day issue. David: [00:17:14] I was a partner in We Are Social, which is the largest global social agency. So we were doing solutions for big brands at scale. Right. Um, you know, I had Adidas, Ebay, Kia, PayPal, whole bunch of others, and there was 500 people in where social globally doing really sophisticated global social media solutions. Daren: [00:15:02] Fast forward to 2011. Social media marketing is still just a buzzword but he made sure to put himself at the forefront of social media marketing with co-founder and CTO, Johnson Lin, while they were at We are Social.   When David Fairfull and Johnson Lin were part of We Are Social, the largest global Social Agency at that time, they realised the size and scale of the problem for SMEs and the opportunity to apply advances in technology in Artificial intelligence *AI* and *Machine Learning *ML*.  David: [00:15:29] And we looked at it and said, why isn’t anybody providing that sort of solution for an SME market? You can’t do it at scale affordably for an SME. Cause they can’t buy it, but we could use technology to solve that problem Daren: [00:15:42] In other words, bring the tech that the big companies were using to the masses and SMEs. This was to develop a deep tech solution that could deliver the same strategic capability being provided to larger corporate businesses and enterprise clients.  I think most business can agree that the start is the hardest. Finding Product Market Fit or PMF is the word for this difficult start. But finding PMF as Y combinator founder Paul Grahma describes , is ‘When you made something that people want.’ Your customers, clients or users just want to  tell other people to use your product (without any incentive). Elon Musk has to think about PMF in two ways. One with his corporations and the other with getting out of this world. Or what is know as “escape velocity” in space travel.  What is escape velocity in regards to rocket science? In an over simplified way – it’s the speed needed to literally escape earth’s gravitational pull and get into orbit. That speed is almost 40 THOUSAND kilometres per hour. Yes 40 THOUSAND!  *Side note – sorry americans, that’s (do it in an ironic mocking way) 25,000 miles per hour. Yes 25,000.  It doesn’t have the same ring, eh? See – Metric always wins. More reasons to change your measurement system to metric. Anyways… back to our story.*

How we got here – continued

Escape velocity through the lens of business is when you put in a boat *Or spaceship?!* load of work in the early days and get the business in a few months to years to run  with very little effort.   The work I’m talking about is the grinding, zero return on investments, many hours wasted and general failure. The soul shattering gut wrenching work where you question every other decision you make as a business.  But PMF and escape velocity is the opposite of that. It’s abit of sprint work and boosted efforts here and there, but nothing like the early days grind. Back to PMF – How can a business get to product market fit, faster?  Johnson: [00:20:02] I can see two sort of directions of how to get us there faster. One is by faster iteration cycle time, so you imagine. How can you do more laps? You run faster. So put that into our perspective. Does that mean we make people look faster or work harder? No. , the approach you will want to be taking is earlier validation and fail faster and we can go to the next iteration if the previous one is not working.  Daren: [00:20:29] “Fail Fast. Don’t run and work harder. Fail faster and learn in the early stages”. The faster you can fail is usually based on experience. Here’s David. David: [00:20:38] Because I think when you start a business, particularly a technology business, you start with everything being broken and you’ve got no product, no team, no money. And you competitors are global and you’re trying to compete with that. Right.  At the start, it feels like everything doesn’t work and it’s insurmountable and you just start chipping away at one challenge after another and try and work our way through that Daren: [00:21:01] Brendan Hill shares with us why he joined metigy and his passion to help others. Brendan: [00:21:05] I definitely hopped on the rocket ship in late 2018 and, you know, talking to David and Johnson,  they just had a really massive vision. And it was something that you really wanted to be a part of.  You know, they told the vision of Metigy with so much gravitas, really that inevitability of success that, you know, Metigy was going to be the one tool that small businesses are going to use to be successful marketers and, you know, being a former small business owner myself, you know, I just knew the challenges and, you know, the time constraints, the constant upskilling cause you know, marketing platforms it’s changing every day.  It’s such a fast moving space. It’s hard to keep up while running your own business as well. So I just really was passionate about helping small businesses at something that I’d done in the past before. And this was a great way to scale that up and help, you know, potentially millions of small businesses around the world with their marketing. Daren: Armed with the knowledge of the present and past one could assume we might be able answer our original question. A now much more defined question, “What complex solutions are needed to solve our customers complex problems?” To answer that, let’s travel to a future past event that happened in March 2021.   Daren Lake: [00:20:24] Failure is always lurking it’s head around the corner for any business whether small medium or large. Moving forward, Metigy wants to change a lot for SMEs with digital marketing so the chance of failure is as far away as Mars is. Things like; Showing actual return on investments in a business’s marketing efforts, empowering SMEs to not worry about marketing, and focus on what they do best – run their business, Or how our director of UX, Thiago Zandonai summarises Metigy to friends Thiago: [00:22:54] You connect your social channels in Metigy and we start giving you insights and recommendations to grow your business. So you just connect them and boom, you’re done. Daren: [00:23:04] There’s no mistaking that Elon has a lot to juggling to do when thinking about the futures of so many empires that he runs.   David and Metigy are in a similar place. But we understand the need to sometimes stop, be present, take a breath and look up at what’s in front of you. So we decided to do just that look up and be present in March of 2021… At this event, our team leaders and founders helped paint a clearly picture of Metigy’s future plans. And like any well crafted and researched plan,in the future… well shit can and will always happen to derail your success.

Metigy by the Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Daren: [00:23:37] On a wet overcast Thursday Morning in Sydney Australia, the Metigy team met together to be present and look up. Fortunately the views weren’t as far as space and were right in front of us. The view was the Eternity Playhouse venue ran by the Darlinghurst Theatre company. 132 years ago it was built as the Burton Street Tabernacle for worship by Arthur Stace, a former WWI veteren who was nicknamed “Mr Eternity”.  In 2013, The City of Sydney transformed this building into a modern 200-seat theatre and creative arts centre equipped with a bar and cafe for events.  Fittingly, the Darlinghurst Theatre Company has become one of largest employers of artists and arts workers in the small-to-medium, not-for-profit sector, and a company that is renowned for its dedication to the integrity of artists vision, welfare and accessibility.  

Metigy Team’s Crystal Ball Predictions

For a glimpse into the future, let’s go to the streets *aka our all hands event* and hear a few crystal ball predictions from humans that understand marketing pains for small to medium businesses. Clare Riley, the senior brand and content lead at Metigy: Clare: [00:24:37] The things that I find quite exciting about Metigy’s future is making that shift from social media software, into “All in one” marketing software. And I think that, you know, by seeing the product roadmap today, it’s really exciting the developments that are going to come to get us to that place. Daren Lake: [00:24:57] Robert Sloan, Data engineer: Robert: [00:24:59] a lot of the manual work in marketing should be taken out and as such Metigy should be a platform where people can jump on, explain what the brand is and have that content almost produced and ready for them to send off immediately. Daren: [00:25:17] Speaking of predictions – Metigy’s Ai decision support gives your business insights. Insights are another word for action recommendations and suggestions you should make with your next marketing steps.  While these insights aren’t human based, as stated earlier – they come from the input of humans that are always improving to help digital marketing. 3.7 Brendan with his predictions: Brendan: [00:25:37]: How I think AI continues to develop each day and it’s already helping marketers in many ways. And we see that. Right inside the messaging platform right now, you know, we have some fantastic recommendations, um, and it really our underlying core technology that decisions support artificial intelligence. So we can, you know, suggest the best path for marketers to take, you know, if they want to get more engagement on their posts, if they want to get more followers, if they want to get more brand recognition. We can break that up into granular step-by-step processes that they can take all inside the one metadata platform. They don’t need to leave the ecosystem to achieve their marketing goals. So it’s super exciting. We’ve got stuff like image. Uh, image artificial intelligence. So we’ll actually be recommending what image to use in your social posts to get the most engagement. And, you know, that’s based on some machine learning and really deep learning as well, uh, you know, thousands and thousands and even millions of images that our artificial intelligence goes through and can make recommendations based on that. So, I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg, which is why it’s such an exciting time to be involved with Metigy and, you know, join Metigy to really, uh, you know, get on the rocket ship. As I said, and, you know, really help us achieve our goal of becoming the ultimate SME marketing suite. 


Daren: [00:26:53] Metigy allows marketers to not worry about the future and be present with what is happening now.  Just like Elon and Space-X, we are always looking forward to the future and upwards to space for it’s limitless potential. And just like the universe, our visions are always always expanding and evolving. Daren: [00:25:37] All businesses, whether small, medium or large are fueled by their employees passion for helping their customers and clients with the tools and experiences needed for problem solving. Junior full stack engineer, Marcus: Marcus: [00:27:20] I guess my favorite thing was still back when I was interning. I guess that was when we were revamping like the ads management section. As an intern, you’re like very impressionable. Building something as an intern, you feel really proud of it because you’re also like, I guess, learning at that time.And yeah, I learned a lot from that, like doing that project.  Daren: [00:27:429] And Thiago’s preferred part of the Metigy platform Thiago: [00:27:45] I really like the feature of the recommendations. I think that is a unique future. With more we know about you more, we can give you recommendations with more clarity, more effectiveness, very nice experience. You just need to click money, interact. You are a gap, the value, and then you can jump in no matter what type of recommendation you get. Whether through a form of, um, content planning or just the best time for you to post the content. Daren: [00:28:13] And here social media specialist, Carley Paulsen’s best experience at our company Carley: [00:28:18]  Ah, honestly, one of the coolest things I’ve done so far is I’ve initiated our reels on Instagram, which has gotten over 700 views and considering we only have 500 followers, that’s some pretty good reach, natural reach.   Daren: [00:28:33] Next episode of how Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries. We’ll be speaking more in depth with the CEO and co-founder David Fairfull, followed by head of content, Brendan Hill and ending with chief technology officer. And co-founder Johnson Lin from Metigy. You just listened to Forward Thinking. Again, I’m Daren. We helped you find more insights and tips into your business.  To find out more about Metigy and get a listener exclusive three month free trial. Visit us at And while you’re there, go and check out some more episodes. If you liked what you heard, please share a link to another business owner or marketer who you think could get something from this. Also to help us out, it would be great. If you left a five star review on your favourite podcast app. Last never missed another episode by following or subscribing to us on your favorite podcast player. This episode was produced by Metigy’s content team with help from Pod Paste, executive produced by Brendan. Supervising production story, writing, recording, sound design, original music, mixing and mastering by yours truly Daren Late. Editor, Claire Riley production consulting and editing on Nicky Thomas at pod paste, contributing producers, David Fairfull. Andrew Mara, Carly Paulsen, Tegan Caine, Kevin Chen, and the rest of the marketing and full Metigy team. See you on the next episode
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