Dear Metigy: How do I simplify my content strategy?

Dear Metigy: How do I simplify my content strategy?
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A recent survey of marketers found 39% think content will be their top budget spend post-Covid – followed by paid advertising.

And 25% said they “don’t have a clue” what their budget will be spent on post-Covid.

So, in a year when marketers “don’t know”, content becomes an even bigger play – because we do know consumers are becoming more mindful and they are taking more time to research their purchases, and the brands they buy from, in a post-Covid world.

More than two thirds of your brand’s website traffic could be coming from organic search content – proving how crucial it is to produce quality and relevant content that people are searching for.

But are we overcomplicating content? Has your content lost its way? Are you producing too much and you don’t know what to do with it?

There are ways to keep things under control. So here are three tips to take your content back to the roots of your brand…

Repurpose existing content

Repurpose existing content

  • Do less to deliver more. It’s a great mantra and it gives you the freedom you need to repurpose content where you can – it’s highly likely you’re sitting on a content goldmine if you’ve already been producing content for a while.
  • So, keep an updated spreadsheet or inventory with a list of the content you’ve already published – analyse the key data, such as page views and time on page, and you’ll probably find a load of content that needs a second chance on your social media or in your email newsletter.
  • You can refresh older content with new references – and remember to outsource this job if you need to, through a website like ContentFly or WriterAccess. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Get curious and ask questions

Get curious and ask questions

  • Be curious and dig deeper into your customer’s problems – ask questions and get to know your customers and what keeps them awake at night. They are your very own content ideas factory!
  • Always ask WHY someone would want to read a blog – what would make them want to click and spend time reading? Would you read it?
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your sales team what blogs or videos they’d like to see created or your customer service people – you’ll be surprised at how helpful that is as an exercise.

Try not to be everything to everyone

  • Tap into the biggest problem your customers have – and double down on that. It’s what we call your ‘content opportunity’ and when you find it, go hard on it. Every business has one.
  • Label that problem as an education program and help your customers navigate through the issue you’ve identified. Use your content to explain HOW you solve the problems your customers face. Maybe they’re short on time or don’t have a certain skill set – show how you’re there to help your customers and your content will honestly thank you for it.
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