The Metigy Community Team are very excited to announce the next winner of our Forward-Thinking Marketer Award which goes to Sebastian and Kirra from BIRDI


BIRDI is a platform that enables businesses to integrate and scale drones into their operations by providing an ‘end to end’ drone management platform.

Founded by Sebastian Robertson and Abraham Robertson, businesses can access more than 1,400 drone users Australia wide through the BIRDI Platform to get the drone data they require, at any time and with confidence.

The BIRDI Platform enables any business to leverage the insights provided by drone data and simplifies drone integration by enabling any user to plan a flight, organise a pilot, manage data and gather insights. Customers can manage one asset, or an entire portfolio, within one desktop platform.

About the campaign: BIRDI Drone Photo Contest

BIRDI engaged their customers by implementing a weekly drone photo competition focused on highlighting the natural beauty of Australia with 6 weekly winners. BIRDI used the competition to highlight the talent of the users on the BIRDI platform. The results are simply jaw-dropping.


BIRDI customers submitted amazing aerial images of Australia taken from their drones, pushing the boundaries of what the BIRDI Platform can do. BIRDI’s campaign generated over 632,000 impressions and reached close to 300,000 people. This meant that BIRDI’s users gained increased exposure to a wider audience which resulted in requests for direct purchases of images. Another positive outcome of this campaign was that Google loves user generated content. User generated content has the potential to increase organic traffic by 332.91%, so BIRDI can expect to see some awesome growth.

Check out the full campaign here.

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Find out more about BIRDI

If you’re interested in finding out more about BIRDI, we interviewed them in episode 10 of the Forward Thinking Podcast.


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