Hot Tip: Give Your Social Content a Boost

29th November 2021

So you’ve been creating great content for your pages, but you can’t seem to increase engagements, conversions or growth as fast as you’d like. The best way to increase them is with some paid advertising – sometimes called Boost – on your best or most important posts.

Not all of your posts are suitable for a boost. If your post hasn’t worked well, numbers will improve through a boost, but not by much. In contrast, boosting an already successful post will get you the best results. The reason is clear: by boosting, you’re getting your content in front of more eyes. It won’t improve your content. If it did work well organically, boosting will dramatically improve its effectiveness as you extend the reach of a piece of content that you know it resonated with your audience already. By using targeting features, you can make sure you’re reaching just the right people.

The reason for boosting organic posts is over the past few years, Social Platforms have gradually been reducing the effectiveness of Organic Reach – people who see it because they’re a fan or friend of a fan, etc. They did this as a way to drive advertising revenue. With a small daily budget, you can see a 3x-4x increase in engagement over organic dependant on the content you have shared and the targeting you use.

And the good news is that Metigy can help you with this!

Hot Tip

Giving Facebook content a Boost is as simple as clicking a button on the Facebook Preview in the Content Curator and entering a few quick details on new posts or live ones:

Simply choose a goal, audience and set a budget. You can do as little as $5 a day for one day if you want. We will then publish that Ad for you and Facebook will serve it to your selected audience.

Try Boost now!

Why not try growing your audience today? Pick an important or well-performing Facebook post that’s live or upcoming and hit Boost. Use these settings to use your content to drive traffic to your website:

  • set the goal to “Send people to your website or another link
  • the audience to “People who like your Page and their friends
  • set the post button you’d like to “Learn more
  • enter the URL you want them to visit. e.g.
  • select the channels you want (default is just Facebook)
  • use a budget of $5 for 5 days
  • accept the terms and hit “Boost

That’s it! Your ad will start to run when the post is live.

If you’d like to know more, check out our support article.

Give Facebook Boost a try today!

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