Graphic design for your brand: Should you build it or buy it?

11th August 2021

As a business owner, you know the ins and outs of your business. So, wouldn’t you be the best person to do the graphic design for your brand?

Not so fast. In this post, we explore why designing your own graphics might not be the money-saving exercise you hoped for, plus the benefits of working with a pro

What can you expect when you handle graphic design for your brand?

It becomes all about you

For starters, a big problem with do-it-yourself graphic design is focusing entirely on what you want. 

The result? 

Neglecting your company’s mission, values, and what your customers expect in the design process (which completely misses the mark). 

Your graphics convey your message and are the face of your brand. It’s less about your favorite colors or that fancy new font you downloaded, and more about how customers perceive your business.

Design templates are restrictive

Tools like Canva can be time-saving in a pinch, but for creating a whole brand identity? Probably not so helpful.

Templated designs don’t offer much creative expression. Thousands of companies can end up with carbon copies of the same logos, social media posts, and other assets. 

As a non-designer, this isn’t immediately obvious – but can leave your brand blending in with an identity that doesn’t quite fit.

Digital marketing formats end up wrong

How many times have you spotted a website with a stretched, pixelated header? 

Or a YouTube thumbnail with a thick black border because it’s the wrong size? 

You risk your business looking amateurish when creating your own graphics that aren’t in the correct size or file format.

Even if your flyer looked flawless on-screen, it could be a different story when you print it out in the incorrect DPI or used RGB instead of CMYK. 

What can you expect when you work with a professional graphic designer?

Handing over your brand identity to a stranger can feel daunting, but professional graphic designers take the important aspects of your brand and help you communicate them visually.  

New concepts that will work for your brand

When working with a graphic designer, you benefit from all their previous experience, too. Those past brands they’ve worked with arm the designer with the knowledge of what concepts will and won’t work for your business.

Unlike struggling with ideas by yourself, a graphic designer can help brainstorm concepts and polish them into something that professionally represents your business.

The right mix of colors and shapes

On your own, you either use bland templates, or you mash a jumble of your favorite colors and fonts together and hope it says what you want it to. 

A graphic designer takes the clutter and confusion out of this process entirely. 

They can help you work with colors that express your company’s personality while fitting in with your industry, matching these to appropriate fonts, shapes, and lines. 

The result? A minimal design that conveys your message, without chaos. 

The technical stuff is taken care of

Listen; all that technical talk – color format this, resolution that – it gets confusing. 

A big part of working with a pro designer is that they are trained to maximize results when designing your graphics. Once you explain where you’ll be using your designs, they provide everything you need so they always look crisp, clear, and bright.

How do I find a graphic designer?

Ready to level up your brand with seamless graphics? Here at Metigy, we connect you with designers that can help, no matter your brand or budget. Find out more about our creative services – we’re on hand to answer any of your questions!

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