Do you have the best technology for making e-commerce more social?

8th August 2019

If you are selling a physical product, then there is a high likelihood you are already using e-commerce to do it.

But do you have the right technology solution for e-commerce in a 2019 context, and does that technology do more than just act as a website?

You may be just getting started in your business, and have yet to figure out the technology solution. This can be confusing to say the least. You may be using an old technology for your e-commerce site that is not flexible and does not work with new technology options. Or you may just think it is all too hard to figure it out and you don’t know where to start.

Regardless of the reason, this article is about cutting through all the options and helping you find a solution that will work, tick all the boxes and meet your needs now and in the future. Critically, It should also ideally make it easy to maximize your sales and achieve your growth objectives. After all, technology should not only make your life easier but it should serve your business objectives.

What do we think are the key objectives:

It has to be easy to use, setup and update. You want to get set up and running really quickly and not invest a lot of time or money in the technology to prove it works.

You have to be able to scale the technology, the site, and your content, when you have proven it works.

It will become a central point in your digital ecosystem, so it has to be compatible and connectable with other technologies, and you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money to make this happen. An important requirement that we often hear from e-commerce customers is that the technology must cope with changes in social channels and make it easy to connect and deliver product content from a single source, your shop. Otherwise you are posting and changing content in multiple locations, and that is a huge time waster.

You want to use and control the domain name and url, so you can always move it later if you need to.

The front end of the solution or what the customer sees, needs to be brandable and the design needs to look contemporary, so that means a flexible design based on themes you can adapt quickly without being a designer.

You want to know it is reliable.

Anyway, that would be our checklist, and we assume yours looks a lot like that.

So we checked out the market-leading options, to assess the potential.

Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce which works on WordPress and Volusion, all stood out.

From the review, one option ticked all the boxes, so we think you should be using Shopify. And let’s look at why.

Firstly, there are over 600,000 e-commerce brands now using Shopify to run their central focus point in their digital ecosystem. That means the bugs have been ironed out and you will be using a robust technology solution.

You don’t need a tech or design team to get started as the platform deploys a brand-specific instance for you and the design is template and theme driven so you can create a really visual store without any support or tech capability in-house. If you want to engage an agency later for more complex solutions, there are partner agencies across the globe to help you take your e-commerce solution to the next level.

Entry point pricing is really reasonable at US$29/month.

But most of all, and what we got excited about, is all the pre-built functionality for socializing your store. While you are certainly going to be using Metigy to drive traffic from social to your site, there is a lot you can do to automate the release of new product in your store, being visible on Social channels like Facebook and Instagram. So we were excited to see another tech solution making this easy for parts of the ecosystem Metigy does not directly address yet.

Using Shopify, you can automate the publishing of new products directly to your Facebook Shop and then through to Instagram as Shoppable posts. These two social channels are proving to be fantastic drivers of e-commerce for traffic for brands across a wide variety of industry and business model verticals. We have a great guide coming shortly on how to set up your Facebook Shop, and you must check out our recent article on just how powerful Shoppable posts on Instagram are.

Metigy’s advice. If you want to use a market leading e-commerce solution and automate the socialization of your product content, then Shopify is the right solution.

We also have a guide coming on the Best Practice for setting up your Shopify website, so look out for that. And guides coming on extending that great new content into the most engaged social channels for e-commerce. Even though they are incredibly popular and delivering great results, Facebook and Instagram are not the only options!

Please let us know if you want advice on other technology options, as we love the feedback. We realize how complex marketing technology can seem, but it is our passion and long-term goal to make marketing technology easy for all SMB’s.