Do SMB’s set marketing objectives?

7th May 2021

It is an interesting phenomenon that entrepreneurs start their business with dreams and goals, and in going through the process of creating their business, they set business objectives.  However, very few actually translate those objectives into each of the important functions in the business and particularly the critical step of setting marketing objectives, which is a key process in realizing those big-picture business objectives. They do the planning at the top level, but generally fail to translate that thinking into detailed objectives at a functional level. When it comes to marketing, this generally results in random activity that is misaligned with achieving their long-term plans.

Then they wonder why they are not getting positive results.

When it comes to marketing, the analogy of failing to plan is like planning to fail, has never been more true. Digital marketing has become increasingly complex and it takes careful planning and great technology to get any real return on your investment.

Our product and UX teams have been doing a lot of research, as an adjunct to our own product research objectives, around the key actions and pain points for marketers. One item that came through as an overwhelming behavior amongst SMB marketers of all levels of capability, is that either they don’t have time to plan goals and objectives, or they just don’t think about it as an important element in being successful. If you are in that category, then don’t be concerned yet, as you seem to have a lot of company given over 90% of those interviewed fail to do any long-term or tactical objective setting.

Given marketing is a results-driven function, this seems at odds with not only being successful, but actually having any metric to confirm you are happy with your outcomes and progress. It seems rather obvious that this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to be random in your actions and mediocre with your results, unless you just get lucky. At Metigy, and in marketing, we believe you make your own luck.

It is the combination of our research and this belief, that has led us to our latest product innnovation. The upcoming release of our OBJECTIVES module, and powered by our AI, it guides both experienced and inexperienced marketers to set objectives. This serves a double purpose. It helps our customers focus on what is important and what will move their business growth dials. At the same time, it allows us to align our Insights and Recommended actions, with each of the key Objectives you set. As your ambition grows, so does your set of live Objectives and the wave of Recommendations Metigy delivers to help you drive your ambitions as a marketer and a business.

We are really excited about this upcoming release because it tackles this key problem head on and takes us a very important step closer to realizing our dream of making marketing both less confusing and far more effective.

Our early customer feedback indicates that they love the feeling of being more organized with their planning, and then everything they do as a marketer, measured against those objectives, feels far more tangible and fulfilling. It is another important step in our ambition to help the marketers of the world feel like they are winning against the complexity of modern digital marketing.

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