Do Facebook posting times matter for your business? 

17th June 2021

As a savvy business owner, you know the importance of a solid presence on social media. 

A lot of time goes into researching, designing, and editing your social media marketing posts for your dedicated business Facebook page. Since it serves as a way to engage your audience and spread your company’s message, you want to make sure the post is just right. 

But does it matter when you click that post button? And, if so, when is the best time to post on Facebook? 

Social media moves fast, and if you make your post at the wrong time, your target audience will likely not see it. Unless you’re paying for Facebook advertising, it’s challenging to keep your brand visible since the current algorithm favors posts made by family and friends. 

The best way to keep your posts visible is to be strategic about when you post them. If you post it during times where your target audience isn’t active or engaged, then your post will be old news by the time they sign in. 

Let’s take a look at why posting time matters, what the best times to post on Facebook are, and how to determine the ideal schedule for your posts.

Do Facebook posting times matter for marketers? 

It’s no secret that newsfeed algorithms on popular social media platforms, like Facebook, organize based on how recent the post is. This means that the newer your post, the more likely it will appear before your target audience members. 

The best way to improve your organic reach for your Facebook business page is to post your content when your users are most likely online.

Research shows there are critical times when posting creates consistent engagement. Every social media platform will have various best posting times, and your brand industry further influences your social media management strategy.

Let’s take a look at the best days and best time of day to post on Facebook to increase your organic reach. 

The best times to post on Facebook 

Nearly 51% of Americans check Facebook multiple times every day. While there is no singular perfect time to post to Facebook during the day, the optimal times to post tend to be when people have breaks in their busy day to check their social networks. 

When deciding on your posting schedule, consider including the following times: 

  • Early Morning: Post when your target audience is waking up and getting ready during the workweek. Many people check Facebook at some point during their morning ritual.
  • Lunch Time: On weekdays, lunchtime tends to be between 11am and 1pm. Facebook sees an increase in clickthrough rates during this time, so posting ensures viewers who are scrolling through Facebook on lunch breaks catch your posts.
  • Thursday to Sunday: If you are looking for the best day to post, choose Thursday through Sunday. This is because the working week is winding down, and your target audience has more time to spend on social media than they did at the beginning of the week. 

Remember that these suggested best times can also be the worst time to post because chances are your competitors have seen the same research, so things might get crowded. Posting off-peak may help, but you are still in constant competition for Facebook screen time.

With more content flooding Facebook news feeds than ever before, your post will be competing with thousands of other posts from family, friends, and other businesses. 

Between different timezones, workday variations, and target audience demographics, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact time your Facebook post will have the maximum reach and engagement level. 

However, there is a starting point for finding your brand’s best Facebook posting time.

Let’s look at some ways to determine the right time for you to post your Facebook content. 

How to discover the best times to post on Facebook

Even though there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the ultimate Facebook posting schedule, there are tools available that you can use to determine when your posts will be most effective. 

There are two different ways you can identify the peak time for audience engagement in your industry: the most relevant time and the most data-supported time. 

  • The most relevant time to post on Facebook

Some content hits differently in a specific time slot. Much like video game corporations post right after update announcements or release date drops, you can post content to your Facebook business page at key times throughout the week, such as:

  • Before or after a major sporting event 
  • In response to breaking news 
  • On holidays related to your brand, like ‘National Cookie Day’
  • During the time of day when your content topic will be most helpful

Taking the time to analyze when your content is most relevant to Facebook users is a great social media strategy to increase organic impressions and engagement time. 

  • The most data-supported time to post on Facebook

Successful marketers are no strangers to using data to inform their marketing strategy. This practice is no less valuable when planning your social media strategy. 

Facebook Insights is a surefire way to identify the best times for successful posts. You can locate this feature by clicking ‘Insights’ at the top of your Facebook business page.

Once you reach the Page Insights dashboard, you will find an abundance of data that will help inform what time and days your posts are most relevant and visible. With so many possibilities, You can find the most pertinent data in these areas:

Look for… You can find it by clicking… It will tell you…
When your fans are online Posts Which posts experience a surge in engagement rates on what days
Posting times of your most successful posts  Posts -> All Posts Published The timeline of your most successful posts 
How visible your posts are Reach -> Impressions  The number of people that saw and interacted with your posts

Once you have gathered this data, you’ll need to do some analysis to determine how you can leverage your fan’s activity level and the correlation between your most successful post and the publication time. 

Don’t be afraid to test out your findings on future posts. The easiest way to do this is by using scheduling tools to adhere to a predetermined posting schedule. Intelligent automation will use social analytics to suggest the best posting times and help you create a stronger connection with your target audience. 

Remember that your content not only needs to be posted at the best time, but needs to be equally as important as a friend’s wedding photos. Quality over quantity will often get the best results. 

Choose strategic Facebook posting times to give your brand maximum exposure 

Even though there is no universal best time to post on Facebook, you can discover your brand’s optimal posting time by using innovative, automatic social analytics reports

With the correct data, optimizing your Facebook posting schedule will drive success and improve your social marketing ROI. 

If you are ready to make the most of your Facebook posts, explore the Metigy platform to help make your social media marketing easy. Our social marketing technology takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy while providing you with expert-level guidance on the best posting times for your unique content.

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