Dear Metigy: How do I stand out in organic search rankings?

Dear Metigy: How do I stand out in organic search rankings
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Ideally, it’s important to be on page one of Google search results. Why?  “As the search engines get better at indexing the results and showing the correct information to people, fewer and fewer people go to pages two and three. So if you’re not on page one, particularly the first half of page one, then you’re going to get minimal traction from search engines,” explains Jon Dawson from Digital Ninjas. organic search rankings

So how do you move your website further up the ranks?

There are two main ways to build your brand awareness on Google. You can grow with paid search engine marketing (SEM), which Metigy can seamlessly process and optimize for you, or grow with search engine optimization (SEO). There are a few key differences between SEM and SEO, but in summary, SEO is organic-driven; a strategy that increases your website’s discoverability without paying.   Here’s a video with Metigy’s performance marketing lead, Kevin Chen, to walk you through the three main pillars of SEO:

There are 3 key pillars of SEO:

  • Content
  • Technical SEO 
  • And off-site SEO

Pillar 1: Content

Before creating content for your business, ask yourself, “Is this the type of content my target audience are searching for?”  Learn more about producing the best content for your business in more detail with these resources:
  • When should your business invest in SEO?
  • How to boost SEO and drive traffic using existing content
  • Why understanding user intent is key to SEO success 

Pillar 2: Technical SEO 

Is your website easy to quickly crawl through? This focuses on optimizing your web page’s elements so it is easy to read and more relevant to Google and your audience.   Here are eight technical aspects that you can use to optimize your technical SEO

Pillar 3: Off-site SEO

How often do your page and content get shared? Is your content helpful and reliable enough to be recommended?  With other websites, blogs, customer testimonials or social media posts linking their traffic to your website, your business increases its visibility.  Building these signals may take time but are effective in the long term. Initiate your off-site SEO by building backlinks for your website.

Standing out in organic search rankings: In summary

When it comes to building your SEO strategy, stem your actionable tasks off these three pillars: Understanding what your target markets are searching for on Google, optimizing the structure of your website, and link-building from external websites and relationships. Ultimately, the most important goal is to be helpful to your audience with your content.  Explore more on how to use SEO to get in front of your customers are resources here:
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