Dear Metigy: How do I promote my podcast for free?

Jul 02, 2021

Dear Metigy,

I’ve created my podcast for my brand but now I’m stuck and I don’t know how to promote it or what I should be doing to make sure my ideal listeners find it. Can you help me with the next steps so the work I’ve created so far doesn’t go to waste? My budget is pretty small so ideally, I would like to promote my podcast for free?

Daren Lake – audio content manager here with Metigy. The good news is that we can help and I’ll be focusing on some advice for getting your podcast noticed in a sea of over two million other podcasts (getting close to 2.5 million podcasts or more by the time you’ve read this!).

We know you’ve worked hard to create, produce and publish your podcast. You might even be in the situation where you’ve released 12 episodes over the last three months and haven’t missed a week. But the numbers are low and you don’t know how to get more people to listen.

Don’t worry – a lot of podcasts have been here. It’s a simple marketing fix. 

However, it does require some long term commitment, hard work and attention to detail. But the payoff will be worth it when the podcast streams start rolling in.

The three areas I’ll cover to help you get your podcast noticed are;

  1. Understanding the podcast ecosystem’s search algorithms
  2. Social media promotion of your series and episodes
  3. Collaborations to help your podcast

Understanding the podcast ecosystem’s search algorithms

Most major podcast distribution hosts have similar setups. You should use as many of their tools as you can the best way you can. Things like:

  • Category
  • Podcast series and episode title 
  • Episode number
  • Show description
  • Tags
  • Artwork.

These all play a role in telling the algorithm how it should show the search results and organise your podcast when people are looking for a podcast to listen to.

As your brand and message grow – you should update your podcast distribution host’s settings to reflect it.

Additionally – The big podcast players like Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and Stitcher all have their own SEO tweaks that you can make inside of their creator portals. Make sure to check those out.

Promoting your podcast across social media and online

Most people are using some form of social media or email. Since their attention is there – this is a great place to raise visibility and general awareness around your podcast. 

Repurposing social media-specific content from your podcast episode key. A few cool ways to highlight important parts of your episode are to use:

  • actual video footage from the podcast interview
  • b-roll cutaways around the topic of the episode
  • using audio, images and transcriptions to make audiograms
  • interactive video quotes
  • carousel posts, 
  • blog posts and newsletters.

This makes your podcast look interesting and valuable but in a bite-sized format suitable for social media. You can also go the route of paid advertising if this suits your business model and budget.

Facebook is now prioritising social audio content – which means you can have people consume your podcast in their feeds….that is HUGE!

Collaborating to help your podcast get more listeners

The last one is collaboration. This can be done in a lot of different ways but the main three ways that have worked for me are:

Creating relationships with other people in your industry and podcasts similar to yours via social media:
This can be done on any two-way type social platform like Facebook Groups, Reddit, Linkedin, Quora, following hashtags and forums are a good place to start online.

Once you establish those relationships (which can take up to a few months):
You can use those relationships to cross-promote on each other’s podcast.

Being a guest on similar podcasts to increase your visibility amongst similar podcasts:
Guesting on another podcast is an artful skill. You need to develop rapport with the podcast host and convince them (or hope) they want you on their show. 

This does take time, but you are laying the foundation for the first adopters to come and listen to your show. The goal is to be so good that people share your episode organically and the algorithms don’t … even … matter!

To wrap it up, there is no magic bullet to getting more listens on your podcast. 

But if you can address as many angles and touchpoints around your potential listeners, you should start seeing a higher quality and quantity of listeners and engagement. 

Happy Podcasting!

Download the transcript for the podcast here

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