Weekly Inspiration: Curiosity Killed the Cat, but the Cat Died Satisfied

Weekly Inspiration
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Are you seeking little fuel for your brain or soul this morning? Every Monday we share weekly inspiration and news from across industries, platforms and cultures, in the hopes you’ll find something to help start your week energised.

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Story rainbows, not information monsters: Mark Pollard, the founder of Mighty Jungle, is sharing his process of writing and giving effective – or “pointy” presentations over at Quartz at Work. You only need to do three things to make a great presentation by Mark Pollard for Quartz, November 2017 The Mission has a fascinating read about compelling storytelling and its effects on the human brain when combined with marketing. OneSpot takes it a step further and with a jam-packed infographic, also providing an actionable formula for smarter storytelling. “Today, eyes down, earbuds in, thumbs scrolling, we are the losers. Our capacity to be interested is diminishing, as a result of our obsession with being interesting. We don’t know what we’re missing.” Bernadette Jiwa shares a timely, healthy reminder to be present and the case for curiosity, for it may turn into your life’s best work.



The Pitch by Gimlet Media which makes you a fly on the wall during real and diverse pitches between companies to a live panel of investors. Think “Shark Tank” without the Hollywood gloss, and much more depth and insight into the actual VC process. It’s exceptional listening for entrepreneurs, marketers, investors and business owners alike. Growing up, Joy Cho never wanted to have her own business. The daughter of hard-working immigrant parents, she absorbed their tenacity and work ethic and turned it into a wildly successful creative studio and brand. She talks to Laura Miller about her experience growing up as a first-generation American, and how it informs her choices as both an entrepreneur and parent over at Talking in Circles.

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Verticow is a hilarious yet visually stunning physics game from KamiBox, using only public domain images from the British Library. What’s more fun than making a roast chicken do Olympic-style flips through the air? Having it measured against a ruler with engravings of babies, whipping posts and circus animals, that’s what. If Monty Python were a YouTube review troupe, this would be their app of the year.



 The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Albert Einstein Albert Einstein


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