Creative Inspiration: World’s Largest Speedbump meets Land Rover

9th July 2019

We hope you enjoy this next installment in our Creative Inspiration series as we prepare to unleash our new Inspiration Palette feature to Metigy.

There is nothing like a great stunt or prop to get attention, and to create a great story. A clever stunt will nearly always get people talking. When you can line that up with the essence of the brand and the emotional connection behind why customers buy your product, you will usually have a winning idea. So we really like this great activation from Landrover, where they clearly put the power of the brand and product to a practical purpose.

Yes, it would have had some budget behind it, so it is not for all brands. However, the essence of the creative inspiration is the important observation. And relative to the industry (and automotive brands have been known to spend up big on activations so this is relatively modest by comparison) this is still a relatively low budget versus high impact outcome.

Start thinking if you could apply this type of approach to your product or brand, and enjoy the video.


Did it get people talking, and why?

Any campaign works better if you can get a specific audience and/or the general public, talking about your stunt or activation. This shifts the success drivers from paid to organic reach, and more importantly, natural conversation will always be more rich and powerful.

In this example, it would probably get a local community talking about it, sharing via social and generally referring to it, just because of the novelty and disruption element in the locality. It is not something you are going to see every day on a suburban street.

You would probably get four-wheel drive enthusiasts like myself talking about it, just because we really like the idea of going anywhere anytime, which is the freedom and emotion behind four-wheel driving. So this is a plus as it plays to the emotion of a specific group of enthusiasts. You will also get Land Rover brand advocates talking about it, just because it profiles the power of the brand, which let’s face it, is all about looking good in your SUV in an urban environment. How cool is it to rock up and do what no one else can.

The project would not have been cheap. Constructing a structure that supports a vehicle. Getting it in Situ. Stopping traffic and then probably a cast and crew to capture the footage. But if you factor in the talkability amongst the interested parties I just outlined, it should have been a successful campaign. The plus, some really cool footage showing exactly what the Evoque can do. What a great brand message. With the Evoque, you wait for no one and you accept no obstacle. Be unconventional!

And being unconventional is a pretty good message for thinking about how you can use stunts and activations to get customers talking.

So was it a success? Well 10M+ Views, 100k+ Likes, 2k+ comments, all on YouTube alone, probably says it did it’s job. Plenty of conversation about it at that level of engagement.

You can read more about this campaign on the Drum here

Now go away and start dreaming up your cool activation or stunt. Make it true to your brand. But most of all, make it something people want to talk about.